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an-ipad-can-becomeRather than staying chained to your desk, you can manage your business anywhere, anytime with an iPad and a cloud accounting package at your fingertips.

It’s easy to let the in-tray on your desk overflow, especially when it’s piled up with financial paperwork when you’d rather be focusing on other parts of your business. Don’t fall into this trap, as ignoring your paperwork can hurt your... Read More

backups-are-yourAs scammers target businesses with cryptolocker ransomware attacks, holding your critical business data hostage, it’s vital you have a robust backup regime as a last line of defence.

There was a time when viruses and worms simply sought to wreak havoc, but these days they’re serious money makers for scammers looking to deliver a malicious payload that can bring your business to its knees.

The idea is to... Read More

ipads-can-makeThe ultimate digital clipboard, Apple’s iPad can eliminate piles of paper on your desk while helping you work more efficiently and effectively.

When it comes to collecting data, the trusty clipboard has been the tool of choice for many years. The simple elegance of paper and pen has a certain appeal, but it’s time to embrace the many benefits of digitising all your paper-based tasks.

Digitising your business... Read More

dont-wait-for-digitalDigital disruption is coming to every industry, so perhaps it’s time to start disrupting your own business model rather than waiting for someone else to turn the tables on you.

The David and Goliath battle between streaming video service Netflix and DVD rental chain Blockbuster is part of business folklore, with the digital upstart usurping and eventually outliving a home entertainment giant... Read More

From HP to Intel: Best servers compared

If your business is growing, the time has come for you to start using a server. While once expensive, today servers are an affordable way of managing your company’s storage needs, allowing you to run systems – email, databases, messaging – that supports multiple users across the business.

But which server should you choose to rent? From Dell, IBM, HP and Intel, there are a wide variety of servers on the market. In this blog post we discuss the benefits of server rental to your business, explain what you need to weigh-up when considering servers rentals and outline some of the best servers for your company.

digital camera equipmentPhoto by Read More

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