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Testo 606-2 Air and Material Moisture Meter

The Testo 606-2 moisture meter is an air, wood and material humidity meter, which offers many features for bringing in perfection in test & measurements along with quick, precise and reliable readings. It offers an integrated humidity and temperature measurement capabilities. Percentage of RH, wet bulb and dew point are the available units.

  • Testo 606-2 Air and Material Moisture Meter


Order Code: 1471401

Manufacturer Part No: 606-2 

As a pocket-sized damp meter, it has the dimensions of 119 x 46 x 25mm.
Major specifications are as:

  • Wood Moisture Range:          0 to 90%
  • Other Building Materials:        0 to 90%
  • Accuracy in Moisture:            ±1% (conductivity)
  • Accuracy in Humidity:           ±2.5%RH (5 to 95%RH)
  • Temperature:                         ±0.5 °C
  • Operating Temperature:      14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C)
  • Power Supply:                Alkaline (2 x AAA)
  • Measuring Range:        Humidity  0 to 100% RH, Temperature14 to 122°F
  • Sensor Type:                  Contact pins
  • Max Resolution:            Moisture: 0.1, Humidity: 01%RH, Temp.: 0.1°C

The Testo 606-2 moisture detector offers automatic and accurate measurements of wood moisture with characteristic curves for oak, pine, spruce, beech, maple and larch. For material moisture measurements, the meter offers characteristic curves for cement screed, concrete, plaster, anhydrite screed, cement mortar and brick.
As a quality wood moisture meter it can effectively measure dampness levels in different types of wood.
As a material moisture meter, the construction companies and building inspection agencies find this Testo 606-2 humidity measurement equipment rental a very useful device.

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