The iPad (6th Generation)

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A 9.7” iPad – (2018-2020 model)


The iPad (also known as the 6th generation iPad) is incredibly fast: 64-bit architecture. Four-core design. Multitasking with multiple apps running at once, 4K video and Augmented Reality Apps are no problem for this generation of the iPad.

Note: We do have some stock of 7th and 8th generation too, IF an even faster processor is needed for a specific application, but the 6th gen is available for hire in good numbers.

When you rent from Hire Intelligence the devices are provided in original packaging, unlocked, tested, cleaned, with operating system recently updated, and fully charged (if we get enough notice).

Regular clients for hiring our iPads utilise the devices for data capture (political polling or market research), lead capture (at exhibitions), training (interactive sessions at conferences, training sessions, or internal meetings).

The iPads are also used to support production company teams (as active devices for communication), OR indeed quite regularly used as props, and we can provide a small selection of cases and covers to change the appearance and sturdiness if required.

Further specification of this particular model for hire below, but if you have any questions (including setup of the devices / pre-loading apps / secure data wiping ) then please do call.




Technical Specifications

  • Model iPad 6th Generation - "The iPad" (Model: A1954)
  • Screen size 9.7" (Diagonal corner-to-corner)
  • Connectivity Wifi AND 4G
  • Memory Storage Size 32GB (mainly)
  • Colour Space Grey
  • Note 7th and 8th generation and iPad Pro models also available

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