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5 Tips to Boost Your iPad Productivity

5 Tips To Boost Your Ipad ProductivityYou can get an amazing amount of work done with an iPad, whether you’re behind a desk or on the road. But it pays to learn a few tricks to ensure you increase your iPad productivity.

Streamline the Notification Centre

The Notification Centre is displayed on the lock screen. Otherwise, you can place your finger above the iPad’s screen and swipe down to see it. It’s a real timer saver, as it lets you see all your important notifications at a glance. This way you can quickly decide whether you need to respond to a notification or whether you can get back to work and deal with it later.

To make the most of the Notification Centre, it’s important to ensure it remains uncluttered. Your iPad’s Notifications settings give you granular control over what kinds of notifications each app can display. It’s worth taking the time to disable those you don’t need.

Add Today screen widgets

Swiping right on the Notification Centre brings up the Today screen. It gives you a snapshot of the important things you need to know for the day ahead. If you scroll to the bottom, you can tap edit to modify your list of widgets. Apart from notifications, widgets can also display shortcuts in apps like Evernote and alerts such as travel times and traffic conditions from Google Maps.

Rearrange the Share Sheet

Most apps feature a share button. It looks like a box with an arrow pointing up or sometimes to the right. Pressing it calls up the Share Sheet, which provides a range of options for sending content to others or opening it in specific apps.

By default, you might waste a lot of time scrolling across to find what you need. If you scroll to the end and tap More, you can add or remove items. You can also reorder them to ensure the options you use the most are always visible.

Offload apps

If your iPad is running low on storage space, you might consider deleting a few unused apps. Better yet, you can set the iPad to do it automatically.

Open the General, iPhone storage menu. It’ll take a minute to analyse your iPad and then tell you how much of the onboard storage you’re using. You’re presented with Recommendations for saving space. Click “See All” to view the full list.

Scroll down to find Enable Offload Unused Apps from the Recommendations list. Offloaded apps appear as greyed-out icons on the home screen. You can redownload them with a tap, putting everything back the way it was – including your documents and data – rather than starting again with a fresh install.

Transfer data to the cloud

You can automatically upload your photos and videos to the cloud by enabling the iCloud Photo Library. This frees up space on your iPad, but keep in mind that Apple only offers 5GB of free cloud storage.

If your inbox is starting to overflow, you can limit the number of old emails stored on your iPad by using the Settings > Accounts & Password menu. They’re deleted from your tablet but not from the mail server. That means you can still access those old emails when you search through your inbox on your iPad – if you’re online.

If you regularly use the Messages app to stay in touch with colleagues and exchange multimedia, it might also chew up a lot of storage space. Click on the Messages option in the iPhone storage menu to see a list of large attachments and automatically delete old conversations.

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