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Whether you are interested in video camera rental for business use, or require a more professional video camera rental for a higher-quality shoot, we have the product to suit you. All of our video camera rentals are from major brand manufacturers such as Sony or Canon, and all come with a tripod without additional rental cost.

Increasingly video cameras rely on built-in hard disk drives (HDD) for recording, so mini-dv tapes and mini-DVDs are not always required. Nevertheless, when you do need this sort of media, we are able to sell it to you as part of the package. Many people hiring video cameras also rent a laptop (either PC or Mac) so that they can edit their footage.

For filming sessions, you may also want to hire a screen or even a small PA system. But we don’t just hire out single units: marketing and promotions companies have been known to hire out over 100 units at a time.

With most TVs these days being full HD, video cameras have also had to move to keep up. Look into our professional video camera rental options, where you will find full HD video cameras on offer. Be sure that you request an HD option from your rental sales professional when speaking to them.

You will find our video camera hire pricing amazingly competitive. If you can’t see the model you require on this page, just ask, as we are constantly updating our rental fleet as we strive to keep up with the latest technology.


Canon XF100 Professional Camcorder
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Canon XF100 Professional Camcorder


Thermal Imaging Camera Hire - Fluke ti25
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Thermal Imaging Camera Hire - Fluke ti25

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