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These powerful Intel based desktop computer workstations are perfect for a wide range of processor intensive applications. Their performance is such that the can meet the requirement of rendering, animation, video editing, handling CAD software, game production and testing. With a range of excellent storage, built in SDD drives in addition to the standard 1TB hard drive, these machines are ideal for the top end of the PC rental market, and their processing power and performance meet the demands of more than just a standard office space.

A client should choose these machines for workstation hire as an option to fit in at their studio, or creative workspace. We have a lot of experience in helping people to choose the right equipment from a selection of industry leading graphics cards, and differing RAM configurations, which can be setup by a technician here at Hire Inteliigence. To ensure that your hire equipment has all of the capabilities you require, and provides the ideal solution for your project, event, or venue, please review the software manufacturers 'hardware specifications' documentation and then talk with us about what you want the workstation to do for you. We can discuss alternative options such as mobile workstation, HP workstation, standard desktop, mid-range desktop pc, laptop, and the screen, monitor, keyboard setup. Your choice might depend on how long you rent for, the space and access you have to your work facility, and whether you are gaming, driving VR devices such as Oculus Rift, or undertaking the rental for more traditional workstation requirements and graphics applications.

Whatever our customers requirements, we believe we have the right equipment available for hire, and can find a device to meet your requirement for processing power.

  • Intel Graphics Workstation - 6 Core i7
  • Intel Graphics Workstation - 6 Core i7
  • Intel Graphics Workstation - 6 Core i7
  • Intel Graphics Workstation - 6 Core i7
  • Intel Graphics Workstation - 6 Core i7
  • Intel Graphics Workstation - 6 Core i7


i7 8th generation multi-core processors

32GB to 128 GB RAM configurations

GTX 970, GTX 1080 Ti, RTX 2080 Ti Graphics cards options.

Call for more details on our workstation hire options. Our pricing will vary for differing configurations, performance and is dependant on the length of rental period.

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