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HP Z8 G4 Workstation

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z8 G4 (32 Core) with RT4000

If you need top performance to run intensive simulations, handle AI algorithms, process any huge amount of data, or support any content creation requiring complex 3D graphics, then this top spec workstation hardware will not let you down.

The power of these devices allows running of 3D simulations and editing of 8K video.

Hire Intelligence are increasingly supporting high-end requirements for production – film and television – and Design (Engineering and Creative). Hire Intelligence are sourcing and renting both with powerful workstations, powerful apple hardware, High Dynamic Range monitors, Drawing Tablets and more. Whether working on special effects, or animation, or editing a high quantity of high quality footage, talk to Hire Intelligence about your project and your budget and we’ll see how we can help.

If the models we currently have in stock are not suitable, then do let us know your ideal hardware, and we can look to source and rent to you as our first customer.


Technical Specifications

  • Processing Power 2 x Xeon Processor (2.3GHz base up to 3.9GHz Turbo)
  • RAM 64GB (adjustable - but will affect pricing)
  • Graphics cards NVidia Quadro RTX4000 with 8GB dedicated (adjustable - but will affect pricing)
  • Power 1450W
  • Memory 512GB SSD (adjustable - but will affect pricing)
  • Dimensions 22cm x 55cm x 45cm (Weight 22.5kg)

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