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Hire Intelligence are experienced in workstation hire for a wide range of applications. As well as the Hire of mobile workstation devices, and providing some desktop and HP workstation devices for graphics and Cad software use, we know that the performance demands of high-end gaming and virtual reality technology on computer hardware are great. Gaming graphics requirements, and those needed to power VR applications exceed the capabilities of standard computer processors, so Hire Intelligence also has custom Gaming & VR workstation equipment available for rent.

These custom workstation devices have all the processing power necessary for a wide range of applications, such as immersive gaming or driving a VR experience on an Oculus Rift. These devices do more than a standard laptop, the equipment is designed to cope with the demanding software and the graphics requirements made by modern gaming. As our client you can choose a workstation with powerful performance capabilities.

The Custom Gaming VR Workstation is available to rent along with our Oculus Rift or HTC Vive Virtual Reality systems. These VR systems come with head-mounted displays and will provide the best VR experience. IF you want to other specific applications, the equipment is customisable to an extent, so if more processing power is needed for your requirement, then talk to us about what is needed for your event, studio, venue or other facility, and we can discuss our technician upgrading the RAM, graphics card, or other elements of the device.

Multi-GPU (multiple graphics cards) configurations are also possible in the Custom Gaming and VR Workstation with support for up to three standalone or SLi interconnected cards. The power supply for these workstations has been optimised to provide plenty of overhead to run all installed GPU's at their maximum.

All CPUs in the Custom Gaming and VR workstation solutions have a powerful Intel multi-core processors. The memory storage access times that are fast. By default, the included Windows 10 Enterprise x64 Operating System is installed and a secondary 2TB conventional SATA hard drive is provided for data storage/scratch disk use.

When discussing your workstation hire, we will also discuss provision of keyboard, and potential rental of a FullHD and 4K (UHD) monitor and/or additional screen. check out the range of options here

We believe we have great facilities and a wide range of desktop PC and workstation equipment to provide our gaming customers with an ideal solution for an agreed rental period.

  • Custom Gaming and VR Workstation
  • Custom Gaming and VR Workstation
  • Custom Gaming and VR Workstation
  • Custom Gaming and VR Workstation



Custom Gaming and VR Workstation


Intel Core i7- 6th Generation and 8th Generations – Multi-core up to 3.7GHz


16GB to 128GB


SSD and HDD configurations


Nvidia Geforce GTX-1070, 1080, 1080Ti, RTX2080Ti Graphics cards available 




Integrated Gigabit Ethernet Adapter 



Optical Drive:

None, Optional USB DVD-RW

Expansion Ports:

3 x PCIe x16v3, 1 x PCIe x16v3 wired x8, 1 x PCIe x16 x4, 1 x PCIe x1v2, 1 x M.2


8  x USB3/USB2, 1 x USBC, 5 x Audio, Mic, 2 x PS2

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