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In the digital era, market research has been completely transformed by the power of electronic data capture. Old technologies, such as radio-frequency identification (RFID) have become accessible to even the smallest companies as technology has progressed and the cost of hardware has fallen drastically while computing powers have increased exponentially.

These old technologies are now being meshed with new world concepts, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), to create vast amounts of data captured from items, processes and services. This immense data collection implies companies will need greater digital storage capacities and computing power to analyze the said data, otherwise it will remain useless.

Hiring digital equipment can reduce the tension a corporation might face in a bind. This is a simple solution that is easy to implement if things go wrong. Servers and workstations can be rented quickly to ensure your data is captured effectively and processed efficiently so that your market research can allow you to make conclusions and plan your overall advertising strategy.

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Case Study

  • Electronic Data Capture

    When a leading event management company decided to move to an iPad App based attendance management and data capture solution for the trade shows and events they supported, they didn’t hesitate to contact Hire Intelligence. We were able to offer iPads for their events nationally all pre-configured with the required app and the individual tweaks required to identify the iPad and its location within the venue. These were then installed, tested and then supported throughout the events by Hire Intelligence, enabling the management company’s staff to focus on more pressing tasks.

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