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Businesses often need to hold various types of meetings, including investor meetings, annual general meetings (AGM), board of director (BOD) meetings and of course internal meetings. Each meeting has its own requirements. A small internal meeting might not need much planning and organization, but a large internal meeting where the CEO is going to speak to the entire staff has to be efficiently planned to ensure it takes places without encountering any problems.

These types of large internal meetings along with AGMs and BOD meetings need proper planning and organization. What they also require is the right type of equipment. Frequently, businesses don’t have all the equipment they need in-house and a great strategy for a flawless meeting is to rent meeting equipment.

Meeting equipment hire permits a business to get exactly what it needs and ensures the meeting goes along smoothly. Hired equipment is generally well-tested and chances of failure are minimal. If you need to hire equipment that is complicated to operate, than the company renting out the equipment will typically have a trained specialist guide your employees, which can make their job easier.

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  • Thanks to Chris and the technical team that helped facilitate and install our event. I also required some over the phone technical assistance which was resolved for me and I was really happy with the service provided all round!

    – Space 2

  • Everything was swift and smooth!

    Hackney Community College

  • Very pleased with the service.

    Firefly Learning LLP

  • Patient person who delivered and picked up our TV. Nice guy - it makes the difference :)

    Parent Teacher Online Ltd

  • Both the office staff and the installation team are great to deal with

    Optomen Television

  • Hire Intelligence are great, in my job it’s always sooooooo last minute and the guys and gals never let me down... love em xxxxx

    Bobby’s Props

  • Really great to deal with... Most cooperative and informative, and great rates!

    Tate Britain

  • Your staff are helpful friendly and polite and are a pleasure to deal with.

    Unique-Unique Ltd

  • Very happy with the service - we'll be back!

    Fire Tech Camp

Case Study

  • Meetings (AGM, Investor, Internal)

    When one of UK’s leading insurance providers needed to equip their support staff and temporary offices for their off-site AGM, They did not hesitate to call Hire Intelligence who were able to provide the needed photocopiers, printers, notebook computers, network hardware and presentation aids required. Hire Intelligence also provided installation of the equipment and support for the duration of the event.

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