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The product testing phase is a crucial element of new product development strategy even though it occurs early in the process. Once you have an idea, you need to test it before allocating critical financial resources to it and subsequently having the idea fail and causing a cash crunch for the company.

Product testing often requires gathering consumer feedback about your idea. This can be done informally with customer surveys completed by random strangers in a shopping mall or a detailed focus group meeting held at your office. In either case, technology will play a key role in gathering and analyzing the information you collect.

You can rent touch screens to set up survey kiosks at the mall or hire additional laptops or workstations to equip your focus group meeting room. This equipment can be rented temporarily while you have the additional requirements and returned to the rental service company once your product testing is complete.

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Case Study

  • Product Testing

    A start-up providing Cloud computing services had a need to demonstrate its capability to a potential client but couldn’t afford to invest many tens of thousands of pounds in the equipment to properly support the client’s needs thus had difficulty in securing the contract. They turned to Hire Intelligence and were looking to rent the equipment on a short term basis with a prospect of converting into a long term contract if the client could take the deal.

    Hire Intelligence’s ability to respond rapidly to such enquiries when others cannot meant that the Cloud provider had the required servers and network storage in their datacentre up and running as soon as the end user made the decision to proceed with the trial, giving the impression that it had been there all along and enabling this start-up business to offer the same or better services than more established players.

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