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RENT with Option to Buy.


Why not rent your computer or audio visual requirements for 12 months, gain tax benefits and then either buy the equipment for 25% of its price or rent it at 50% of the rate charged during the first year.


There are a number of benefits associated with RENT with Option to Buy:


·                     Avoid being locked into long leases or ownership when the equipment can become outdated.

·                     Easy updating of equipment instead of buying.

·                     No capital outlay. Capital preservation for primary business.

·                     Smooth cash flow until you decide to buy and then the lump sum payment is only a quarter of what it would have been.

·                     No requirement to purchase outdated equipment after 12 months.

·                     Tax deductible benefits (We are not tax advisors so please check with your own advisors about the savings you will achieve).

·                     The rental is off balance sheet unlike a loan, making applying for other finance easier.

·                     It is a truly total solution as customers can acquire software, have it loaded, have the computers/equipment installed andnetworked as well as having antivirus software included.

·                     Take out our damage waiver and theft cover.

·                     At term end the customer can:

               Continue renting on a monthly basis at 50% of the original rental rate

               Upgrade to new equipment with a new agreement

               Cease renting by returning the equipment

               Purchase the equipment for 25% of the retail price.


Our regular customers appreciate our swift and professional service, as well as the technical support and backup during the rental period.

Hire Intelligence is renowned for:

·      Exceptional service

·      Extremely competitive prices

·      Top quality fully maintained equipment

·      Free anti-virus software on every computer

·      Friendly, expert advicerave