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Certain sports, political and campaign events are held infrequently or only annually. These events, however, can be gigantic occasions and for the company organizing the event, it may be impractical to buy all the equipment needed to put on the show.

In such cases, hiring equipment rather than outright buying may be an excellent option. This can protect the company from making large capital investments in equipment that it will rarely use and where the return on investment (ROI) will be extremely low.

Sporting and political events need to run smoothly because the organizations participating have an image they want to uphold and equipment malfunctions will bring down this image, which is an important marketing tool. Although an organizing firm may have planned for all eventualities, there’s always the possibility something may go haywire at the last minute. For instance, a newly set up PA system goes bust and no one was expecting it because it was recently upgraded.

In such cases, renting equipment on a last-resort basis can be a strategy that can help alleviate the issues that may arise while organizing big events.

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  • Thanks to Chris and the technical team that helped facilitate and install our event. I also required some over the phone technical assistance which was resolved for me and I was really happy with the service provided all round!

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  • Hire Intelligence are great, in my job it’s always sooooooo last minute and the guys and gals never let me down... love em xxxxx

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Case Study

  • Foreign Leader Visit

    When the political leader of a global power came to Britain with his entourage, the country’s London embassy needed to make sure that everything was well prepared. Given the high profile nature of the visit, security and reliability were paramount.

    They turned to Hire Intelligence to provide a temporary nerve centre for the visiting delegation. The hire included 35 desktop PCs, a number of laptops, LED TVs, routers, over a dozen laser printers, copiers and fax machines. The equipment was installed and networked, and Hire Intelligence technicians were stationed at the embassy for the duration of the visit.

    LED TVs were provided to ensure that the VIPs were kept up to day with world events. The trip was seen a great success for both countries, and Hire Intelligence was very pleased to play a background part in making it so.

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