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In a situation where your company is expanding rapidly and you need bigger premises for your ever-growing staff, you will have to find the right office size and location. Often, this is not an easy combination to discover in an office space and the delay in finding the right space might mean moving into temporary offices.

This can cause a host of issues, including packing and transportation of your IT equipment. However, if the move to a temporary location is short-term one, it may be an interesting option to consider rentals for temporary offices.

Every time you move anything, whether it is a household appliance when shifting households or fragile IT equipment from your office, there is a risk of breakage and damage. To minimize the risk, consider renting IT equipment for your temporary location.

Renting the equipment means it can be set up at the alternate office before you even set foot in there. Once you leave your current office, all your employees can continue working as usual. No downtime is a great incentive to rent IT equipment. The temporary office will be ready to go since the legwork to get the office ready can proceed as the equipment is all rented and you do not need to wait for current equipment to arrive.

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  • Thanks to Chris and the technical team that helped facilitate and install our event. I also required some over the phone technical assistance which was resolved for me and I was really happy with the service provided all round!

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  • Everything was swift and smooth!

    Hackney Community College

  • Very pleased with the service.

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  • Patient person who delivered and picked up our TV. Nice guy - it makes the difference :)

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  • Hire Intelligence are great, in my job it’s always sooooooo last minute and the guys and gals never let me down... love em xxxxx

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  • Really great to deal with... Most cooperative and informative, and great rates!

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Case Study

  • Temporary Office Setups

    When a multinational Food & Beverage manufacturer decided to implement a customised SAP business management application to control all aspects of their business from manufacture up to senior management, the task was daunting. Migration of existing systems and data, consulting with and then tailoring of the new application to suit the different requirements of the multiple departments not to mention the training of all staff to use the new systems would take significant effort and could potentially cause significant disruption to business.

    Hire Intelligence was engaged to provide a temporary replica of the new systems hardware which could be moved to the clients various locations to be used to train staff prior to the new system being brought online in that location. Servers, workstations, and network infrastructure were replicated to ensure a real training experience for the staff.

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