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With the advent of smart watches and activity tracking devices, more and more of us are turning to wearable technology as part of our everyday lives.     .

Software developers and marketing companies need to be able to access these devices for testing and demonstration.    Now they can, by having Hire Intelligence on speed-dial!    Our range includes probably the most prevalent current item of wearable technology- the Apple Watch.  Available to hire with or without a paired iPhone, the Apple watch is in demand. 

As an increasing amount of wearable technology is released (for example, an increasing proportion of golfers now have range finders with access to course maps on their wrists), Hire Intelligence will be among the first companies to make it available for hire by the day, week or month.      Whether that technology is glasses watches, virtual reality equipment and whether it comes from Apple, Google, Samsung or any other major manufacturer,  you can be sure we will be investigating its rental potential.

Renting means companies can sample wearable technology with our having to invest in purchasing it.  It is an exciting time to be involved in wearable technology, and we look forward to be able to add to our modern hire fleet with suitable products as and when they are released. 



Apple Watch
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Apple Watch

Sport Space Grey Aluminium

Oculus Go
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Oculus Go

Oculus Go 64GB

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