Scalable Wifi Solutions

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Scalable Wifi Solutions

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Mobile Hotspot:

Hire Intelligence Tech Rentals can provide iPhone and Samsung phone devices for short-term rental. These mobile phones from leading manufacturers can be used to connect nearby laptops and tablets to the internet, by using the mobile phone data, and the mobile phone functionality to provide a ‘hotspot’.

Sharing a connection this way is called tethering (or using said hotspot).  We provide unlocked phones, so you can buy a ‘pay as you go’ SIM card, but always check on the tethering data charges with the provider/operator.

Once you have the phone SIM activated, turn on the hotspot and then that will be visible as a Wifi network on your laptops.

Mifi Devices:

A step up from ‘Wifi dongles’ or tethering to a phone.

Mifi devices provide a hotspot with good connectivity for ~ 5 users, and connectivity for less data-intensive needs for up to 8 users. These portable devices provide Wifi where you need it, for a small project team, or meeting with minimal fuss.

Access Points / Boosters:

If you need a boost for your Wifi capability for a specific event – we can provide multiple additional routers/access points to allow a larger number of users and/or better connectivity in different parts of a venue. These access points can be meshed together meaning anyone moving between the points will automatically connect to the nearest point, or point with most available bandwidth so all attendees get the best connection possible. We have Asus, TP-Link, and Ubiquiti products.

Full Wifi Infrastructure Build & Management:

If you want a short-term dedicated Wifi network to ensure control & confidentiality (so you don’t wish to use an existing Wifi infrastructure), or a build of Wifi capability in a remote location (festival in a field). Hire Intelligence have experience with partners building mesh networks with multiple channels. We can also support ‘whitelisting’ and ‘blacklisting’ specific websites to control what attendees can access on the specific Wifi channels. This type of infrastructure can also provide options to track movements of attendees throughout your event. If the event is in a remote location, and/or specialist bandwidth is needed to stream/upload we also have partner specialists to provide this capability.


For more information on Wifi equipment and service options, please contact our experienced Hire Intelligence team and see how we can help.


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