Mark Bates, Author at Hire Intelligence

Mark Bates

General Manager

Professional Journey:
Throughout his career, Mark has held a wide range of roles, in sales, operations marketing and strategy. Always keen to be involved with cutting edge technology and innovation; before his time with Hire Intelligence Mark has been involved with medical device product launches, special gases insulation innovations, and digitalisation / channel management projects. He worked for 6 years with BOC, and then 6 years with the Linde Group.

Mark joined Hire Intelligence in 2017, and Mark was General Manager when significant adjustments were needed to keep the company profitable during the Covid pandemic. Mark is continuing to restructure Hire Intelligence with a strategy focussed on key sectors. The team in the UK & Ireland are ensuring they can offer solutions and services alongside the best hire products. Even in the 6 years since Mark has joined there has been a lot of change in tech requirements, especially in the Virtual Reality and Digital Signage spaces.

Educational Background and Interests:

Armed with a degree in Genetics, Mark tries to stay abreast of emerging trends and technologies. This includes trying to understand coding and undertaking CS50 course, and learning to use AI software products effectively. Mark has a fundamental belief that regulated innovation can help support a better future for all, and thus is most excited when Hire Intelligence are supporting global events, and important research projects.

Personal Philosophy and Interests:

Mark believes in the power of data analysis and questioning – seeking information, and spotting patterns to help find opportunities to help. He also believes in the power of buy-in; Clients and team members should all know what we are aiming for, and how our efforts all fit together in delivering upon our ambitions.

Mark lives in West London, enjoys travelling, football, boxing and music.

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