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Sporting & Political Events & Campaigns

Certain sports, political and campaign events are held infrequently or only annually. These events, however, can be gigantic occasions and for the company organizing the event, it may be impractical to buy all the equipment needed to put on the show.

In such cases, hiring equipment rather than outright buying may be an excellent option. This can protect the company from making large capital investments in equipment that it will rarely use and where the return on investment (ROI) will be extremely low.

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Sporting and political events need to run smoothly because the organizations participating have an image they want to uphold and equipment malfunctions will bring down this image, which is an important marketing tool. Although an organizing firm may have planned for all eventualities, there’s always the possibility something may go haywire at the last minute. For instance, a newly set up PA system goes bust and no one was expecting it because it was recently upgraded.

In such cases, renting equipment on a last-resort basis can be a strategy that can help alleviate the issues that may arise while organizing big events.

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Case Studies

Foreign Leader Visit

Foreign Leader Visit

When the political leader of a global power came to Britain with his entourage, the country’s London embassy needed to make sure that everything was well prepared. Given the high profile nature of the visit, security and reliability were paramount.

They turned to Hire Intelligence to provide a temporary nerve centre for the visiting delegation. The hire included 35 desktop PCs, a number of laptops, LED TVs, routers, over a dozen laser printers, copiers and fax machines. The equipment was installed and networked, and Hire Intelligence technicians were stationed at the embassy for the duration of the visit.

LED TVs were provided to ensure that the VIPs were kept up to day with world events. The trip was seen a great success for both countries, and Hire Intelligence was very pleased to play a background part in making it so.

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  • Amazing service, fast responses and good equipment. Hassle-free service. Thank you!

    Stefani Pavlova
  • Professional, reasonably priced and quick, all you can ask for really I needed to order some items for a corporate event last minute and our usual supplier was unable to fill the order in time. These guys got everything sorted in an afternoon, so happy days.

    Brendan Murray
  • Brilliant company to use for any tech hire needs, working on short term projects they are always very helpful and go above and beyond!

    Charlotte Hill

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are The Benefits of Hiring Equipment Compared To Buying?

    Cost Effective Deciding to rent equipment avoids any depreciation and can be tax deductible, which allows for a more cost effective solution for businesses. Flexible With technology constantly evolving, hiring equipment unlocks a great deal of flexibility and choice when it comes to selecting the latest technology. Try Before You Buy Hiring equipment enables you to try out a range of different products before deciding which one you want to invest in – if you wish to make this decision at a later date. Fast Installation And Setup Skilled consultants are on hand to offer sound technical advice and expertise to enable your devices to be set up as quick as possible. Equipment On Demand Unforeseen circumstances can lead to our clients’ requirements changing. Hiring extra equipment is easily achievable, even at short notice. The Latest Technology Choosing to hire IT, AV and electronic equipment means you will always receive the very latest technology from leading and trusted brands. Covered Maintenance Costs If you’re experiencing technical issues with your device at any stage, a new replacement can be sent to you immediately, reducing stress and saving time.

  • What Are The Different Hire/Rental Options?

    We pride ourselves on offering a great deal of flexibility for our customers, that’s why we offer both short and long-term rentals.

  • What's the Process for Hiring Equipment on a Long-term Basis?

    Our long-term hire plans work in a similar way to our short-term rentals. The start of the process is the same as short-term hire, however, our experienced sales team will make regular calls with you to make sure everything is running smoothly with your equipment. If you have hired your equipment for a year, or you wish for your rental to be collected, simply contact us and we will arrange for your equipment to be picked up as soon as possible.

  • What Happens If The Equipment Becomes Faulty During My Rental Period?

    We deal with any issues quickly and efficiently by fixing or repairing equipment as soon as possible. If your equipment breaks or becomes faulty, contact us immediately on 0345 600 7272.

  • How Long Will My Delivery Take?

    If you live in areas surrounding the M25, you can expect to receive your delivery on the same day. The cut off time for overnight deliveries is 3pm (the day before you would like the equipment to be sent to you). If you are based in Central London you will receive your items within a couple of hours after placing an order. If you live in other areas outside of London you can expect to receive your equipment the next day.

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