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Find all the information you need about working from home as well as the tech you’ll need to work effectively

Ready to Take Your Business into the 21st Century?

Being a market leader in your field isn’t enough. You must know how to stay ahead of the pack continuously. And incorporating remote working into your office culture may be the best way to do this. 

And before you ignore this notion, know that your team can do their jobs remotely with an increase in workflow. So, whether you’re motivated by the pandemic’s need for  work from home solutions or you want to boost your bottom line, remote work solutions are the way to go. 

In today’s article, we’ll provide tips on how you can make a remote office. Additionally, we’ll give you advice on the type of work from home tech you’ll need to increase your productivity.

The Advantages of Remote Working 

One aspect that employers might be concerned about is the level of productivity remote employees can produce. However, most companies have discovered that there’s been a massive improvement in remote work productivity. 

The truth is that remote workers are often more productive than office-based employees. Employers often assume that with the distractions of the internet and without direct supervision it would be difficult for home-bound workers to remain focused. 

However, it would appear social distractions in a corporate office are more difficult for employees to ignore than digital interactions. Are you not convinced? Then take a look at the following benefits remote and flexible working arrangements can provide:

  • Since there’s no cut off time as there is in a physical office, remote workers are more productive and can work more hours in a day. Each employee can work as much as 1.4 days more than usual, benefiting the company. 
  • Working from home doesn’t require frequent travelling, which means we can all enjoy a cleaner environment. Furthermore, you save on utility bills and it improves your brand image. 
  • If all goes well, you may be able to rent office spaces that are smaller and more affordable down the line. You could also potentially go completely virtual with your business. 
  • If you rent your equipment, you’re able to supply your workers with the latest home office technology on the market without worry of obsolescence or depreciation.
  • You’re able to hire stronger candidates for your virtual business regardless of where they stay.
  • Home office solutions improve employee wellbeing and creates job satisfaction which in turn results in people taking fewer sick days. What’s more, you’re able to retain your most talented workers because remote working is a welcome perk.    

In order to enjoy these benefits and increase productivity working from home, however, you’ll need the correct equipment. This enables your workers to perform their tasks as effectively as they would in a corporate office environment. But don’t waste money buying expensive home office technology – rent it instead! Renting your essential working from home equipment will ensure your employees have access to the office tools they need so they can focus on their tasks at hand. 

That’s why Hire Intelligence UK is here, and we’re ready to assist you! We have a wide choice of the best home office equipment for you and your employees. From photocopier rentals and printers for hire, to  MacBooks for rent and desktop computers, we have it all!

How to Set Up Home Office for Remote Working

So what equipment do you need to work from home? Don’t limit your staff to just laptops and desktop workstations. Think about video conferencing equipment, additional monitors for working on two screens, or even a UPS so no worker loses any work when the power spikes or drops.

With modern tech, so much is possible!

The role of the employees and their home setup will determine what types and models of equipment you must arrange for them. For example, you may want to rent the best home office phone for your customer care worker to ensure optimum call quality and provide handy phone features, while administrators and marketing staff can simply use a smartphone to communicate. 

Whatever your requirements are, Hire Intelligence is here to give you expert advice on how to create an effective home office for your employees. We offer high-quality essential home office technology and equipment at the best rates.  

Remote Working Makes You the Preferred Employer 

If you’ve been in business for a while, you may find it difficult to imagine how to work remotely from home. You’re used to a certain norm. But the truth is that a large percentage of the modern workforce will rather go for flexible work environments, even if it means getting paid a little less. 

You don’t want to lose your most valuable team members to the more accomodating employers out there. You also want to attract the best from the talent pool. For this, some change is necessary. Listen to your younger generation employees who hint at wanting to work from home. Acquiring home office equipment for them can be a long-term investment in creating a winning team.

Also, when word gets around that you prioritise your workers’ requests and know how to keep them happy, that’s how you build a positive reputation in the industry and draw the best employees from your competitors.

4 Remote Working Productivity Tips

At times, it can be difficult to maintain your productivity when you’re working from home. However, remote working becomes easier over time once you’ve discovered a solution that’s suitable for you. If you’re not yet sure how to work remotely, the following tips may help you.

  • Pick a Spot

Your mind usually goes into ‘work mode’ when you arrive at the office, right? Help yourself focus by also creating a specific zone where you spend your working hours. Pick a certain room or table instead of sitting on your bed where you’re bound to feel lazy since it reminds you of sleeping. 

This also helps keep a balance between work and home, even though you’re working at home. When you’re done for the day, close the office door so you can forget about work, relax and focus on your family.

  • Ask or Give Clarity on Work That’s High Priority

If you’re given many projects to complete in a day, ensure you know which ones have the highest priority so you can do them first. If you’re a manager, make sure your team knows which tasks are more important so there are no misunderstandings. 

  • Use the Best Tech Possible

If you’re stuck using an old, slow laptop, then of course it’s going to be difficult to get through all your work on time. But remember – you don’t need to save up to buy a new laptop or computer. You can just rent instead. That way, your work will never be hindered by obsolete, unproductive tech again.

  • Create a Comfortable Space

It’s impossible to focus or maintain your productivity if you’re straining your body. That’s why it’s important to know how to make a home office space that’s comfortable and pleasant. There are heaps of online blogs and videos you can follow. Learn how to make a home office in a small space or simply set up a temporary arrangement that will facilitate your workflow.   

Tech Rental Solutions to Empower Remote Working

Since your remote employees may need their home office tech for years to come, how you finance the required equipment needs to be considered carefully. Many devices such as computers become outdated fast, so buying them may not be feasible. 

In these cases, renting the best computer to work from home provides the option to upgrade to newer models later on. This is generally a more budget-friendly solution. 

Other benefits of renting remote work equipment include: 

  • A predictable cost: one fixed monthly fee that you can budget for simply 
  • Maintenance and technical support whenever you need it, which is included in the rate you pay 
  • You’re not stuck with the equipment you started with: you can be flexible with what your home office requires and adapt when your business changes

Working from home is the way of the future – and Hire Intelligence is here to give you the solutions you need to take full advantage of it. Contact us today to get your free quote on our high-end remote office supplies and solutions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Still looking for more info? Take a look at some of our most common FAQs:

How do you keep a balance between over- and under-communication? 

With everyone working from home you may be tempted to send an email for everything that pops into your mind. Be careful though, because a flood of emails will mean workers start ignoring them or they won’t read them on time. This shows the importance of using quality tech to facilitate virtual meetings. Drive home the important messages by still seeing each other ‘face to face’.  

What are the biggest challenges one faces when working from home? 

Learning how to work from home is an extreme change and it’s important not to have an expectation that it will be fun all the time. Two of the most challenging aspects for remote employees is time management and creating an effective office space. 

How can I eliminate procrastination when working from home? 

The lack of supervision can increase procrastination when working remotely. Also, there will be new distractions to contend with. But you simply need to learn new good habits. Here are some tips you can follow to eliminate procrastination

Are there tips to follow for people working from home for the first time? 

The first tip is to solve the problem of not having the right supplies by talking to one of our agents at Hire Intelligence. They will be able to set you up with the latest tech you need to ensure a smooth work day. Then set up your dedicated office space to create a working environment suitable for you. A proper working routine is also essential. Get up early so you’re not rushed. Start good habits from day one, even though you don’t have to contend with traffic anymore. 

How do you manage a remote department? 

Some online tools simulate physical interactions with employees pretty well. There are myriads of apps that allow you to communicate and interact with your employees even when they’re in different countries and time zones. Simply ensure you have the best work from home computer that can handle these apps and tools. 

How do you create an effective office culture for teams working from home?

If you’re a manager, employees will expect you to set up meetings to communicate. This is the fundamental foundation of creating a positive remote office dynamic. You’re able to instil lighthearted interactions while maintaining your level of professionalism. 

How does the risk of cyber attacks affect remote working?

Any work environment carries risk and it’s no different with remote working. Some scenarios you should cater for in advance to limit challenges include unstable networks, unsecure networks and phishing. 

Make sure you create strict device usage policies for your employees. For example, in the absence of the IT department at their homes, they must be responsible and update their software often. Your workers must follow these rules to avoid your business information being placed at risk. 

Are you looking for a way to increase the productivity of remote workers? Contact us today so we can supply you with all of your remote tech rental requirements. 

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