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Roland Video Switcher and Mixer

Switcher, scaler, expander

Tech Hire for Live events and productions come with challenges. This versatile asset from Roland (The V-02HD multi-format video mixer) can act as a simple switcher, high-quality scaler, input expander, audio solution and inline video effects / composition. It is a portable-yet-powerful device that helps when producing an event, shooting your scenes, or handling live streams, or presentations.

  • It can act as a simple ‘micro-switcher’. Simple, seamless switching, with simple two-button or one slider operation.
  • It can act as a connector and HDMI matchmaker
  • It can provide an additional connection with no degradation or delay.
  • It can provide simple but professional effects (14 visual effects that can be applied in real-time, with adjustable parameters to fine-tune the results plus an additional 5 composition effects so you can add titles, use a green screen with the Key effect, or create a separate inset window with the PinP capability.)

More specification details below.

This piece of video technology is often used for presentations, and helps control content from laptops or livestreams, and determines what is presented on large screens, or projectors. Hire Intelligence try and find tech hardware which makes Tech HIre for events intuitive and reliable.

A short clip of the asset being used as a switcher with the ‘slider’.

Deploy 1 – 1000 
critical devices.

Whatever hardware your organisation needs, we have the stock, expertise, and network to enhance your event or power your projects.

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Technical Specifications

  • Model: Roland V02HD Mk2 streaming video mixer
  • Input connectors: HDMI Type A x 2 (HDCP supported, multi-format)
  • Output connectors: HDMI type A (Program) / HDMI type A (preview)
  • Processing: 4:4:4 . 10-bit
  • Video effects: Transition / Composition / 14 visual effects (mosaic, offsets etc).

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