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Giant Tablet Hire

Giant iTabs are the latest gadgets to disseminate information in an elegant large style and panache. These large screen tablets range between 27 inch and 55 inches of coated glass touch screen display. With fully interactive touchscreen, and operating as a total replica of the regular tablet, these big-screen tablets can be true attention grabbers at any trade show. They can also be used to display product demos, apps, games and engage in public participation.

If you are looking for great digital engagement with your clients at an event, during training or at a showcase, Hire Intelligence offers giant iTab rental for these technological needs. Consider the iTab as a smartphone tablet but on a much larger scale. This technology is versatile and you can be connected to AV equipment and used in a variety of engaging ways.

These devices have some hefty specs, including a decent amount of storage, long-lasting battery life, and powerful software. These large screen devices also feature a custom enclosure designed to emulate the look and feel of a smartphone. There is also a built-in camera and a 10 point touch interface.

You can use our giant iTab rental in a variety of ways. You can showcase your training software, or have your employees experience live broadcasts on these large tablets. With such a big screen, giant iTabs can provide many innovative ways to initiate vocational education and training. Since this device has such a large screen, you can even use them for presentations.

We can set up your giant tablet rental to run Android, IOS or Windows operating systems, allowing users to interact with your company apps in a way that is very familiar, albeit on a much larger scale. Your audience will experience being able to be a part of your technology. If you are hosting your annual general meeting, you can show your shareholders and employees reports interactively using the iTab. Similarly, you will be able to show your digital content at an event for your organisation, and use a giant tablet for training and assessment.

A giant tablet rental can also be placed at the entrance to your tradeshow, awards show or event, and your floorplan can be designed to draw clients into your space. The interactive display on the iTab screen can display your social media, capture games, applications, an app creation, or other engaging content you choose.

Rent this technology and take advantage of the many opportunities that a Giant iTab rental can provide. With fast charging, capacitative touch and long-lasting battery life, you can expand the horizons of your business and inspire those around you. Do it all with the Giant iTab.

Our Giant iTab rentals are of great value for corporate use. Request a quick quote or call 1300 655 551 to discuss your rental needs. If you require something a bit smaller, take a look at our tablet rentals.

These designer touchscreens can be used to present any content effectively but are ‘unique’ in that they can even be used to present APPS with all the interactive controls and gestures of the more familiar smart phone and tablet devices of today – but on a large scale!
Hire Giant Interactive Tablets from 27″ to 55″.

Deploy 1 – 1000 
critical devices.

Whatever hardware your organisation needs, we have the stock, expertise, and network to enhance your event or power your projects.

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