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Microsoft Surface Hub 55

Hire Intelligence is the perfect place to rent a Microsoft Surface Hub 55. Having the large, multi-touch screen on the device will add professionalism to your space, training site, event or showcase.

The Surface Hub 55 is versatile and mobile, whether for use in a conference room as an interactive meeting tool, or as an evolving product launcher to share during tradeshows, promoting collaboration. The Surface Hub 55 is the best tool for making teamwork happen with its 55-inch touch screen and whiteboard like capabilities.

Connect Your Applications with your Audience

The Microsoft Surface Hub boasts a 55 inch screen that is touch capable, and enables the user to share content, useful collaboration during a training exercise or showcasing your newest software or apps. Since Microsoft obtained Perceptive Pixel, this technology has made the Surface Hub like a giant whiteboard. If you download the Whiteboard app, you can use your hand to interact with the screen, or use a stylus like the Hub Pen to write on the device.

The Microsoft Surface Hub 55 is able to make video calls on its large screen with one click, and content can be shared without any issue, ensuring you give the best experience for your audience.

The Hub

The Microsoft Surface Hub boasts a 55 inch screen that is touch capable, and enables the user to share content, whether it is during a training exercise or showcasing your newest software or apps. The interactive display has users getting the experience of working seamlessly with one another as well.

A multitude of apps can be run on the Hub, as it is run on Windows, diversifying the device even further.

You can turn your remote meetings from distant conference calls to professional video conferencing using the large screen on the Surface Hub.

The Display

You can turn the Microsoft Surface Hub into a large screen display for your personal devices, such as smartphone or tablet. This makes the Hub the perfect tool for collaboration with your employees or colleagues.

The graphics display is the Nvidia Quadro graphics adaptor, which allows for crystal clear graphics on the interactive touchscreen display.

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Both Surface Hub models use the 4th-generation Intel Core Haswell processors (Core i5 for the 55-inch and Core i7 for the 84-inch) and run the 64-bit version of Windows 10.

The screen of both models has a high-definition display with 120 Hz refresh rate, though it is not intended for use in film or TV screening. The screen has a touch sensor which allows it to detect whether a stylus is being used.

Surface Hub models have a wide-angle HD camera on either side of the device. The cameras produce video at 1080p and 30 fps, and are enabled with a four-element microphone array.

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