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Legal Proceedings

When a high profile case was brought before the Canberra City Magistrates Court in Australia, a significant amount of digital content was involved. In this case, the judge, jury, prosecution and defence legal teams as well as to the media and public galleries required specific audiovisual equipment to properly hear the trial. Our response consisted of a display in front of each body of the court plus large displays for the galleries inside and outside the courtroom.

Hire Intelligence was called upon to address the court’s audiovisual concerns. We ordered twenty-three desks, each mounted with 17 inch monitors and multiple 50 inch LCD TV’s. All these devices were properly connected to a single PC source connected through splitters.

The monitor solution also needed to be installed and uninstalled each day of the trial since the courtroom was in use throughout the remainder of the day. Hire Intelligence was able to accomplish this with ease.

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