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Marketing, Experiences, Activations

When a leading video game production company was looking to launch their latest horror themed game, they elected to do so in a suitably appropriate venue – the rooms beneath a former Hospital.

Accessed by a very narrow stone staircase and with narrow hallways connecting the multiple cells, combined with very minimal lighting, the venue already had the ambience of a medieval dungeon but Hire Intelligence was called upon to add lighting and audio to enhance the effect as well as to provide the sound systems and displays to actually demonstrate the game.

The greatest hurdle was actually moving the equipment into the dungeons, the narrow staircase and halls made the moving of large screen TV’s quite difficult. Once in place, each TV was equipped with 5.1 surround sound and the room lit with a dim red LED Par-CAN light. The hallways and stairs were kept unlit with sound triggered strobe lights provided, activated by the clients ambient soundtrack played through an installed PA system. To top all this off, several smoke machines were also installed at various locations all coming together to provide a seriously spooky and memorable experience to those in attendance.

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