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i9 RTX3080Ti / RTX 3090 Workstation

PCSPECIALIST Vortex XTi Gaming PC – Intel Core i9, RTX 3080 Ti (0r 3090), 2 TB HDD & 1 TB SSD

A leading graphics card, combined with at least 32GB RAM, and an i9 processor. This bold looking desktop delivers strong performance without the extra costs associated with an HP or Dell label.

Perfect for professional gamers, studio production tasks, animators, or designers. A powerful piece of hardware to support powerful creativity.

If your project requires an intel processor, but you need RAM adjusted, additional (or different) graphics cards fitted then please let us know as this desktop can be tailored to your needs by Hire Intelligence.

Specification details below, but please note that AMD equivalent, or more powerful workstations are available from Hire Intelligence.

If you don’t need such powerful devices, then do look at our standard desktop models which are also available to rent.

Please note, all desktops and workstations for rent from Hire Intelligence come with a standard monitor, keyboard and mouse.


A standard 24″ monitor will be provided free of charge if requested….but we can also supply and rent high-end monitors featuring larger screens, high-dynamic range, colour matching and excellent resolution – such as this 4K HDR 10 32″ ASUS monitor which delivers incredible images.


Deploy 1 – 1000 
critical devices.

Whatever hardware your organisation needs, we have the stock, expertise, and network to enhance your event or power your projects.

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Technical Specifications

  • Model: PCSpecialist Vortex XTi PC
  • GPU: RTX 3080Ti 12GB / RTX 3090 24GB
  • Processor: i9-11900K / 19-12900K
  • Memory: 2TB HDD + 1TB SSD
  • Motherboard: Z590-P
  • Interfaces: USB Type-C x 1 / USB 3.1 x 2 / USB 3.0 x 4 HDMI x 1 / DisplayPort x 1 / DVI x 1 Audio connections / 3.5 mm jack x 1

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