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Hire Intelligence commenced in Perth, Western Australia in February 1992, changing its name to Hire Intelligence in February 1996 after Tom Crage purchased the business. Tom set about developing the infrastructure necessary to manage a growing business and created the systems necessary to facilitate international expansion whilst also expanding its product range from computer rentals to include a broad range of IT, AV, communications, test and measurement equipment.

Hire Intelligence now operates from 9 locations in 3 countries: Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Dublin, Manchester and London and servicing more than 25,000 customers with approximately 20,000 items of equipment.

Hire Intelligence is the market leader in the short term computer rental market in Australia and Ireland, the second largest operator in the United Kingdom. Our business has expanded to include the rental of:

IT and Audio Visual Equipment

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Videoconferencing equipment and facilities

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Equipment Rental periods range from 1 day up to 1 year and we also offer some used equipment for sale.

Hire Intelligence has a proven, successful business system with effective controls and a clear vision for the future. Our clients include Government Departments, Corporate Clients and Small to Medium Enterprises.

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Rental of Desktop PCs, Laptops, Projectors, Tablets, Phones, Printers, Screens, Audio & VR Equipment. Hire Technology from Hire Intelligence Worldwide.

Hire Intelligence was founded in Perth, Western Australia and set up operations on the east coast of Australia in 1997. We now service the entire of Australia with 6 outlets covering Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane in addition to the United Kingdom, Ireland and New Zealand. Hire Intelligence was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in January 2002.

From one operation in Perth in 1996 to one of the largest players in the market in 2009, Hire Intelligence’s growth in the short term IT and audio visual rental market has been achieved through delivering reliable and efficient service, top brands and low rates. Our corporate mission is to be the leader in short-term computer rentals in all the markets in which we operate. We aim to achieve this by providing a full range of technology solutions for any business across any industry. We also aim to provide the best advice and service to ensure your equipment needs are met, fast.

At Hire Intelligence, we have also adapted our service offering to meet changing business needs, that’s why we are now pleased to be able to offer hire opportunities on a broader range of IT, mobile, Virtual Reality, and audio visual equipment. We also work to understand (as much as possible) how software can work with the hardware and if suitable, we can use our technical expertise to help design broader solutions.

Partners and additional products:

As technology rental specialists, Hire Intelligence have an extensive range of skills and technology rental products. Whether you need a laptop, tablet, mobile phone, projector, server, TV screen, video wall, touchscreen, workstation, Virtual Reality Headset or a technician to support an event, Hire Intelligence will provide a suitable rental option for you , which also suits your budget.
Occasionally you may wish to explore renting (rather than purchasing) a novel piece of technology that Hire Intelligence don’t own, or the venue for your project may not be near Hire Intelligence depots. However, please be aware Hire Intelligence are happy to travel nationwide and internationally for clients, and are always looking to expand the rental fleet, so please do ask the question to see if Hire Intelligence can help wherever you are, and whatever tech you need.
If you are seeking to rent something not currently in stock, then Hire Intelligence might choose to invest in the latest technology you require. If Hire Intelligence don’t choose to purchase the equipment and then rent it to you, then Hire Intelligence can use their network of partners, even including other rental companies (such as the Tekk Group, Hamiltons, Tablet Hire, Flex IT Rent, ITR ‘Information Technology Rental’, or One World Rental) who all provide slightly different ranges of equipment, with slightly different methodologies of service. Hire Intelligence could source from them and combine this additional equipment with their own core assets and service levels, thus giving you everything you need from one reliable supplier.

Service Levels:

As mentioned above, customer experience is a key driver for Hire Intelligence. The vision is to make Hire Intelligence the most respected technology rental provider, and to achieve this Hire Intelligence aim to consistently exceed customer expectation. This can be seen in the talent, skills, determination and additional efforts of the staff, and in the stated value of ’embracing innovation’, but it can also be seen in the little efforts and touches put in place to make renting smooth and hassle-free.
Some examples of this service: Hire Intelligence will deliver a working day prior to your rental period for no additional cost, meaning you have the equipment at the very start of your day. Hire Intelligence will collect the working day after your rental period ends, meaning you don’t need to rush to pack away or panic if your event overruns. When assets are collected, there will be a call the day before to check all is ok, and Hire Intelligence logistics team always ensure they have a mobile number (and will share the drivers) to make sure things go smoothly. Much of the equipment is delivered in original and individual packaging, thus giving the ‘out of box new’ experience, and ensuring all accessories and cables are clearly laid out for swift use. Where an adaptor is commonly required, it is included alongside the rented hardware free of charge. All laptops are delivered in their own laptop bag, with their own power adaptor, and own mouse inside the bag, so there is no need to rummage through large boxes of deliveries or crates of equipment, and each end user can handle their allocated laptop with ease. For large orders, Hire Intelligence ensure they provide consistent models of devices, so both the look and performance of rental equipment is consistent for all end users. Hire Intelligence will only keep technology in the rental fleet if the equipment is in good or excellent condition. If the item is not fit for a visiting VIP or CEO, or couldn’t be used to elegantly display artwork in a gallery, then it will not rented out to clients. These considerations alongside clear paperwork, experienced sales and technician teams, dedicated account management and swift communication are part of what drive positive reviews, an excellent ‘net promoter score’, and growth.

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