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Video Wall Hire – Which fits in a lift.

Video Wall Hire in modular form.

Video wall hire is a great way of using technology to help with conveying important messages at events and presentations, but not every venue has easy access. Hire Intelligence offers multiple options to provide these extra large displays. From LED Wall hire with the panels infoldable all-in-one flightcased solutions, to 98″ large screens on electronic lifters. Hire Intelligence can also provide multiple smaller screens, or monitors, or even projectors.

However, some venues have very small lifts to reach events on higher floors, so we’ve produced a solution giving a large lit screen using 4 x 49″ ultra-thin bezel displays, attached to a sturdy but slim stand, with a little bit of graphics processing hardware which allows the 4 screens to act as 1. All of the components of this video wall hire option can get in a standard lift. Thus allowing our clients to have an ultra-large display in a difficult to reach venue locations.

Obviously the slim, light, modular features of this solution mean it’s perfect for installing on stages too. More specifications below, but install is about 2 hours for 2 staff, and de-rigging takes only around 1 hour to 90 minutes.

As always with Hire Intelligence, we’ll supply with relevant cables and connectivity, and we can provide with installation, and even on-site support during your event, if so required. If a microphone and PA, or speakers are needed to support the audio elements of your event, we can help with that too.

If unsure which large screen hire, or Video Wall hire solution is best for your event, do call us and discuss with our knowledgeable team. We can produce multiple quotes for you to consider.

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Technical Specifications

  • Stand: Wheeled Unicol.
  • Panels: 4 x 49" LCD Video Wall Display (3.5mm) - AllSee - Model TL49H9.
  • Inputs: HDMI & Displayport (Screens can be daisy-chained).
  • Bezel info: Total screen-to-screen bezel size of 3.5mm.
  • Height: Slightly adjustable - Approximately 2 metres.
  • Brightness: 500cd/m² IPS Panel.
  • Definition: 4K / Ultra HD (Dependent on source).

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