Meeting Technology Bundles from Hire Intelligence UK

Meeting Technology Bundles from Hire Intelligence UK

For over 25 years Hire Intelligence has been providing meeting technology for events, conferences, and meetings. We’ve seen great concepts, but also noticed confusion around technology choices.

Our aim is to simplify event technology rental, focusing on functionality and support to ensure smooth events. We offer tailored meeting bundles with reliable hardware from top brands, designed to make your event successful without unnecessary complexity.

We understand what works for events — reliable brands, easy-to-use hardware, and careful planning. Our meeting bundles are built to meet your specific needs, ensuring your event technology is effective and straightforward.

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Style over substance: The latest stylish tech hardware and highly-polished content can take a lot of an event budget to source or produce, and some hardware and content can be designed (or installed) in such a way that updates, or alterations are expensive, and flexibility limited.

Complexity over functionality: We’ve seen events where the chosen technology is complex, users not trained, or there are too many different pieces of hardware which slow down the start or running of each session. Complex hardware should not be used for short-term events unless tech support / operators are present.

  • Leading and Reliable Brands: We prioritise quality and reliability by offering meeting equipment rental technology from trusted brands.
  • Simple, Modern, and Intuitive Hardware: Our equipment is selected for its user-friendly design, ensuring ease of use for all participants, including laptop rental, touch screen rental and iPad rentals.
  • Purpose-Driven Planning: Understanding the purpose behind each technology choice is key to creating an effective AV hire tech setup, such as understanding audience size, and interaction required before
  • recommending tech choices: Large screen hire or video wall hire for impactful presentations. Different microphone and PA systems for different types of events.
  • Right Questions for Right Products: By asking targeted questions, we help you select the most suitable products for your needs.
  • Support for Complexity: Where complex setups are necessary, we provide clear agreements on support levels, including installation and content testing for IT rental.

To tailor the right technology package for your event, we consider:

  1. Attendee numbers and their roles (participants vs. audience)
  2. Physical location of attendees and key speakers
  3. Needs for screens (agendas, signage, presentations), leveraging products like interactive touchscreen displays
  4. Orientation of presentation materials (landscape or portrait)
  5. Presenter content delivery methods (wired/wireless connections)
  6. Recording preferences (audio or video), with options such as camera rentals and ‘Push-to-talk’ systems for high-quality recording.
  7. Meeting software requirements
  8. Interactive session capabilities (individual laptop rental and iPad rentals)

Meeting Bundle Packages

We regularly host clients at our depots ahead of their important events to ‘demonstrate’ or ‘trial run’ the event technology rental. A time can be arranged via our sales team, and a senior Technician can have equipment ready to demonstrate functionality and options. Please bring content and ideas with you, and together we can design and prove the right meeting solution.

Our goal is to avoid confusion for attendees. With familiar interfaces and optional training or on-site tech support, we make event technology hire accessible and straightforward.

From equipment selection to on-site support, Hire Intelligence provides a full range of services to ensure your meeting equipment rental and AV hire technology operates flawlessly. Our technicians can assist with delivery, installation, and live event support.

We also support livestreaming requirements, enabling remote audience participation through secure platforms for IT rental.

Ideal for meetings with a few remote attendees, no ‘audience’, and welcome signage requirements.

For the Foyer:

1 x Free-standing Touchscreen: Displays the agenda for the day. Attendees can swipe for bios or more details for each session.

For the Main Room:

1 Laptop Pre-loaded with Presentations: Supports ‘Zoom meeting software’ or similar for remote participation.

1 Laptop for Main Screen Presentations: Connected to the main screen for seamless presentation display.

1 x Switcher: Allows changing from meeting software to presentation material on the main screen easily.

1 x Logitech Rally System: Equipped with a camera and microphones to enable remote attendees to join the meeting and engage with in-person participants.1 x Large Screen for Presentations: Options include a 4K x 65” Screen on a Unicol stand or a Samsung Flip for interaction with the presenter’s personal device, or touchscreen/drawing on the screen if required.

Designed for events with all attendees physically in the same location, requiring maximum interaction/voting.

For the Sound:

1 x 1kw PA System: Comes with a receiver and wireless microphones for clear audio throughout the venue.

To Record the Event:

1 x Laptop + Camera: To record the sessions, ensuring no moment is missed.

For the Main Presentations:

1 x Laptop Preloaded with Software and Presentations: For smooth running of the main event content.

1 x Projector and Projector Screen, or Largest Screen: Depending on the venue size and audience number, to ensure visibility for all attendees.

1 x Stream Switcher: Facilitates a seamless change of what is displayed on the main screen, allowing for last-minute additions to be shared effortlessly.

For Audience Interaction:

1 x Tablet for Each Attendee: Loaded with synchronised ‘Meeting software’ to support voting, and (anonymous) Q&A, enhancing engagement and participation.

Projector (or Largest Screen):  Ensures that interactive content is visible to all attendees, fostering a collaborative environment.

Yes, Hire Intelligence tailors technology bundles to fit the specific needs of your event, considering the number of attendees, whether it’s a conference, workshop, or seminar. Our team will help you select the right combination of technology, from video walls to laptops and PA systems, ensuring your meeting is fully equipped for success.

We focus on providing simple, modern, and intuitive hardware that requires minimal technical knowledge to use. Additionally, we offer pre-event training and on-site tech support to assist all attendees, ensuring everyone can participate effectively without being hindered by technology barriers.

Absolutely. We encourage a trial run or demonstration session where you can experience the technology firsthand. This session allows you to see the equipment in action, understand its capabilities, and ensure it meets your event’s requirements before making a decision.

For hybrid events, we provide a range of solutions including high-quality video conferencing equipment, microphones for clear audio, and seamless content sharing technology. Our bundles can include laptops preloaded with meeting software, high-definition cameras, and audio systems to connect in-person and remote participants effectively.

Yes, our technology bundles can include interactive tools like tablets for each attendee, loaded with synchronised meeting software that supports voting, Q&A sessions, and live polling. These interactive sessions can significantly enhance engagement and participation during your event.

We understand that event requirements can evolve, so we offer the flexibility to adjust your technology bundle as needed. Whether it’s adding more devices or changing the configuration, our team can accommodate last-minute changes to ensure your event is fully supported.

Our technical team will work closely with you to understand your existing systems and ensure the rented technology integrates seamlessly. We consider compatibility, connectivity, and software requirements during the planning phase to avoid any integration issues during the event.

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