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Conference Sound System Hire – Multiple presenters

Sound System Hire

PA systems for hire, and ‘push to talk’ microphone systems work well for some uses, but hiring these systems does limit your event in some ways. When you hire a PA system with just a few microphones, you will have restrictions to the number of microphones/presenters which can be active at once. If you have too many PA systems near each other (on adjacent exhibition stands, or in adjacent rooms) and they are active at the same time, then you can experience frequency clash.

SO, if you have a large event, where there is likely to be many multiple speakers in multiple nearby rooms, or a debate, meeting, or training course where many people must be able to speak at once, then you will need ‘Sound System Hire’, or to hire a ‘microphone system’ as some in the AV (Audio Visual) world would refer to the combination of hardware.

A ‘Sound system hire’ setup, or a ‘microphone system’ includes the following:

  • Multiple radio microphones (up to 100)
  • Transmitters
  • Multi-channel receivers
  • Directional Antennas
  • A Distro (Antenna & Power Distribution Unit)
  • A license from OFCOM for all the different and specific frequencies for each microphone. Which allows you to configure to avoid any frequency clash.

These microphone systems for hire can be pre-configured before installation on site, so microphones can be paired-up with receivers and labelled ready for particular presenters (or particular training rooms). The licenses for frequency bands and specific frequencies must be purchased in advance too from OFCOM.

So, for the above reasons if you think you need to hire more than a ‘push-to-talk’ system, or rent a few PA systems…and your event will have multiple presenters (potentially talking at once), or multiple rooms near each other where people might be presenting at the same time….then please talk to our friendly sales team in advance of your event, and we can help design suitable ‘microphone systems’ for you.

Deploy 1 – 1000 
critical devices.

Whatever hardware your organisation needs, we have the stock, expertise, and network to enhance your event or power your projects.

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Technical Specifications

  • Sound System hire will require different equipment for different events Let the Sales person number of presenters at one time, and audience size in each room

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