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PA System Hire in Manchester

Discover how our speaker rental in Manchester can help you get your message across

Whether you need a simple speaker and microphone set up for a speech or talk, an inhouse system for company-wide announcements, or a large multi-speaker system for outdoor events, Hire Intelligence is ready to assist!

Our sound systems for hire include:

  • Conference systems
  • Channel mixers
  • Discussion systems
  • Portable PA systems
  • Wireless microphones: headset, tie clip, lapel, and handheld options
  • Media players
  • Portable PA systems


Looking to Hire PA Equipment in Manchester?

Sound systems are essential for any event where the speaker needs to be heard clearly by a large audience. Seeing the system may only be used for a few days, renting PA equipment tends to make the most sense for many businesses.

Hire Intelligence can assist with both installed solutions for long-term use, as well as temporary and portable solutions for any occasion in Manchester or across the UK.

As with all our tech rental offerings, you can collect equipment or we can provide delivery, installation, and collection of your rented sound system. We can provide the level of service you need, and are always on hand to assist with technical support and expert advice over the phone.

We also offer meeting management discussion systems, and videoconference systems for important meetings and conference calls. This makes remote and important conversations simple, even in the largest meetings and across multiple branches of the organisation.

Would you like to find out more about PA and speaker hire in Manchester? Feel free to get in touch!

Benefits of Hiring Speaker Equipment

The single biggest advantage of renting a PA system and speaker equipment is clearer, more effective communication in gatherings.

There’s nothing worse than putting hours of preparation into a speech, talk, or seminar, only for the effect to be lost because members of the audience can’t hear what’s being said!

This is especially important during training or coaching exercises, or when addressing an audience that could contain potential clients for your business.

Another benefit of PA sound system hire is that it instantly grabs the listener’s attention. Because they drown out background noise, they quite literally amplify your message and make you the focus of attention.

PA speaker rental also helps your brand to come across as more professional. Showing that you have put time and resources into ensuring your audience can hear you properly makes a great first impression.

It’s also important to remember that some members of your audience may be hard of hearing, in which case a quality rented speaker system can make a world of difference.

PA systems, especially our portable systems, are also multi-functional. They can be used to impress potential clients at a talk or presentation today, serve as a valuable in-house communication tool tomorrow, and double up as a sound system for your year-end function!

Finally, in potentially dangerous working environments, a good PA system is priceless in the case of an emergency when employees need to evacuate or be given safety instructions as quickly as possible.

Does Hire Intelligence offer PA system hire near me?

We offer PA hire in Manchester, London, Birmingham, Cumbernauld, and across the UK. Wherever you are in the United Kingdom, we’ll come to you!

Why choose Hire Intelligence when renting a sound system?

  • Expert advice. We’ve been supplying businesses around the globe with top quality tech and PA system rentals since 1992. Whatever your unique circumstances, we’ve got the know-how you need.
  • Speedy service. Hire Intelligence takes pride in our fast turnarounds for new quotes and support enquiries.
  • Quality guaranteed. All equipment is from leading and well known brands, and thoroughly tested before delivery.
  • Installation and introductory training is an option (charged) by one of our expert technicians.

It’s for all these reasons and more that our valued customers come back to us again and again for PA sound system hire in Manchester.

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Do you offer tech and speaker rental near me?

Hire Intelligence supplies businesses large and small across the UK and Ireland. Whatever your technology needs, whether for just one day or several months at a time, we make renting the right equipment simple, stress-free, and affordable!

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