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LED Posters (Connect for a ‘wall’)

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Digital LED Posters

An easy way to deliver an LED message. Designed with simplicity in mind. These posters can be used as standalone, or connected to form an LED wall acting as one giant screen. They are quick to ‘pop up’, and can quickly liven up a stage or communal area with key messages.

The screens are slim and light, and have a 2.5mm pixel pitch – so provide good definition. They are also capable of brightness up to 1500 nits, and have a fast refresh rate, and 160′ viewing angle.

They are ideal to create a bit of ‘wow factor’ without the investment of cost and time to build and calibrate a full ‘scaffold’ of LED Wall. Great for a foyer or small stage.


As always with LED displays, do consider the dimensions of your content relative to the posters, or wall you look to hire.



Technical Specifications

  • Connectivity 2 x USB and 2 x HDMI for each panel. Wired/Wi-Fi/4G possible.
  • Orientation and installation Can be used vertically or horizontally with fold-out legs for easy standing.
  • Power Embedded power box
  • Weight Just 33kg
  • Media Embedded Media Player and content management system
  • Dimensions(mm) 572 x 1902 x 35

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