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Meta Quest 3

Virtual Reality Hire / Mixed Reality Hire 2023 Headset from META:

Virtual Reality Hire has been part of Hire Intelligence product range for around 10 years. The technology for rent is becoming increasingly intuitive to use, and cost effective too.

The META Quest 3 headset is wireless and offers ‘mixed reality’ capabilities, allowing virtual elements you can interact with to  overlay with your physical reality. So you can look through the headset to your actual room, but have virtual characters or models be present in that space.

It might sound confusing if you’ve not done it before, but the use cases for enterprise are varied and fantastic. If you’d like an introduction to Virtual Reality Hire, and Virtual and Mixed Reality Headsets, then this is great model to rent, and Hire Intelligence can provide advice and technical support on content and how to use the equipment, if required.

Note: One of the key steps for getting going with any Meta headset is to download the app onto a phone, and pair this with the headset – this helps the headset ‘login’ to the right user account…and from there use is quite intuitive.

Specifications of the device for Virtual Reality hire are available in more detail below, but the GPU has twice the power of Quest 2. The display is now 4K resolution. The headsets is backwards compatible with all of the Meta Quest catalogue.

Hire Intelligence can provide multiple models for Virtual Reality Hire. Content can be pre-loaded to provide an immersive experience to trainees or attendees to an event. Hire Intelligence have provided Virtual Reality Hire equipment to universities, product launches, and architectural demonstrations. As well as providing multiple VR headsets, we are often asked to provide big screens (which can show what is happening on the VR headset), and the mobile phones too (to pair with the headsets). Sometimes we are asked to ‘lead the VR’ session – this can be arranged with enough prep time.

If you’d like to discuss the merits (and the challenges) of using Virtual Reality over other hardware assets, or would like to visit and test different devices for a professional event or project, then please do call. All of our sales people are happy to discuss Virtual Reality Hire options.




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Technical Specifications

  • Model: MEta Quest 3 Mixed Reality Headset for HIre - 128GB
  • Connectivity Bluetooth and WiFi
  • App required? Yes - Meta Quest App on phone to pair with (& Meta Account)
  • Weight: 515g
  • Dimensions: 214 x 232 x 121 mm
  • Wireless: Yes (and no external cameras or sensors needed)
  • Processor & RAM: Snapdragon Xr2 Gen 2 processor / 8GB RAM
  • Battery life 2 - 3 hours of use on a charge.
  • Display: 4K / 2064 x 2208 per eye / 90Hz refresh rate
  • Audio: Built-in speakers with 3D Spatial Audio

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