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RENT with Option to Buy

Why not rent your computer or audio visual requirements for 12 months, gain tax benefits and then either buy the equipment for 25% of its price or rent it at 50% of the rate charged during the first year.

There are a number of benefits associated with RENT with Option to Buy:

  • Avoid being locked into long leases or ownership when equipment may become out of date.
  • Easy upgrade of equipment rather than buying.
  • No capital outlay. Capital preservation for core business operation.
  • Smooth cash flow until you decide to buy and then the lump sum payment is only a fraction of what it would have been.
  • No requirement to purchase outdated equipment after 12 months.
  • Tax deductible benefits (We are not tax advisors so please check with your own advisors about the savings you will achieve)
  • The rental is off balance sheet unlike a loan, making applying for other finance easier.
  • It is a truly total solution as customers can acquire software, have it loaded, have the computers/equipment installed and networked as well as having antivirus software included.
  • Take out our damage waiver and theft cover
  • At term end the customer can:
    Continue renting on a monthly basis at 50% of the original rental rate
    Upgrade to new equipment with a new agreement
    Cease renting by returning the equipment
    Purchase the equipment for 25% of the retail price.

Repeat customers appreciate our fast, efficient service, in addition to the industry leading technical support during the rental period.

Hire Intelligence has established an outstanding reputation for:

  • Exceptional service
  • Extremely competitive prices
  • Top quality fully maintained equipment
  • Free anti-virus software on every computer
  • Friendly, expert advice
  • Rapid delivery

Hire Intelligence is the leader in PC Hire, Computer Rental and Computer Lease with current leading brands available in stock. Whatever you need in Desktop Computer Rental and Desktop PC Hire, Hire Intelligence will satisfy your requirements. When looking for a Computer Hire UK in the company, you will find Hire Intelligence is the intelligent choice in computer rental.

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At Hire Intelligence customer satisfaction is paramount. Accordingly, we continuously upgrade our equipment so as to ensure customers looking for desktop computer rental and computer lease receive the latest model top brands.

Why Hire Intelligence is the leader in Computer IT Rental UK

Hire Intelligence is well aware that no two business corporations are alike and hence we offer bespoke computer rental and computer lease services.

Here are the ten good reasons why you should use Hire Intelligence for your PC Hire and Computer Lease needs.

* Short-term and long term solutions for computer leasing, pc desktop computers rental and all other related computer rental services

* Highly experienced technical team – we have serviced a huge cross-section of business and government agencies of all sizes.

* Fast response – IT equipment moves quickly these days – sometimes we can even get it to you within the hour!

* Unbeatable prices – We offer the most competitive prices in computer IT leasing UK

* Friendly customer support – we pride ourselves in providing outstanding, friendly customer support be it for sales, administration or technical queries.

* Finest quality equipment – All PC desktop computers supplied are the best in the market. We continuously upgrade our stock so you receive the best desktop computer rental equipment.

* All leading brands – Hire Intelligence computer rental solutions offer top brands such as Toshiba, HP/Compaq, Hitachi, Apple, IBM, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony and many more.

* Instant customisation – Hire Intelligence is the computer hire UK company that offers you rental solutions tailored to your requirements

*Geographical coverage – our UK computer hire and computer IT leasing UK offices are spread throughout the UK. Call us today – Hire Intelligence computer hire UK is ready to satisfy your IT and AV rental requirements.

*Latest IT hire equipment – when you think of PC desktop computers, computer leasing or computer rental one would always ask about stock availability, latest system configuration and overall system reliability. We regularly update our IT stock with the latest technology. Whether you want a single system PC Hire or hundreds of items, Hire Intelligence can provide it.

Contact Hire Intelligence for your desktop computer rental needs. We are always ready to serve you!

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