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Turning Point Interactive Voting systems are ideal to rent for conferences, events, training courses or educational environments.  By hiring electronic voting hardware and software you can ensure that you allow everyone in the audience to participate in your question and answer session.

Using the lightweight keypad, voters can instantaneously transmit their opinions to a receiver which is attached to a laptop computer, which you can also rent as part of the package.   Available from 5 to hundreds of keypads at a time, keypad voting rentals enable presenter to gather instant feedback. 

The results can be displayed in real time graphs on screen.  The software is simple use- anyone who can put together a PowerPoint will be able to prepare the questions and display the answers with a minimum of effort.  If you would prefer, we can set up the questionnaire and results for you if you give us a series of multiple choice questions that you will be posing at your event.

You may wish to hire a projector or plasma screen along with your voting system rental and this is of course no problem at all.    A technician on-site for the duration of your audience response system hire can also be arranged.

One word of caution: remember to collect all the rented voting keypads at the end of rental.  The are small and lightweight enough for people to slip them in their pockets and the end of presentation.  Something not to forget in the excitement of how well your event has gone with audience response system rental from Hire Intelligence!


Turning Point Voting System
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Turning Point Voting System

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ResponseWare Interactive Audience Voting System

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