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Humanoid Interactive Robot

This robot character can make quite an impression at your business event, conference or meetings. With such a striking image they can also be a powerful prop for hire. 

Whilst this model of Robot is not generally in stock in Manchester, if required, we can arrange to deliver to most locations in the UK within 2 working days, and in the South East we can generally make delivery within 1 working day, from our depot in West London.

We can also arrange for specialist technicians to come to your premises and set up the robot for you.

This exact model of robot is now actually being used in the real world across several different sectors. There are several software solutions that are now available to demonstrate the more practical side in many industries and events. There are stores and venues in Japan alone using this robot as a tool for welcoming, informing and amusing clients, visitors and customers.

The robot is designed to be a companion with the ability to communicate as well as perceive emotions, and is promoted as being kind, endearing as well as surprising. This is the first robot with the ability to recognise principal human emotions as well as being able to adapt his own behaviour. This model stands about 120 cm tall and weighs 28 kg, and uses sensors to monitor what is going on before making independent decisions.

The evolution of new social robots is changing the way companies are engaging with their customers. By utilising cutting edge technology robots can not only enhance the customer experience but create a new and unique experience. Pepper can provide information through the use of interactive animations and demonstrations as well as entertain your customers.

Pepper is capable of interacting with you and you clients and is a remarkable marketing tool. The model is also equipped with wireless connectivity, and can provide a new and unique way to market products and services in a unique, fun and intuitive way; a very powerful marketing tool. The movements and appearance can also support a film or television production by adding a futuristic element to any set.

At Hire Intelligence we can provide this robot with basic functionality, but we can also work with a team of dedicated developers who are able to program bespoke software  – if you have specific requirements.

If you would like any further information regarding how this robot could work for your event or venue, please contact us.

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