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Rex Mini is an intelligent quadruped robot . It has the ability to walk, run, jump, and climb up and down stairs.

It can adapt to unstructured terrain such as slopes, obstacles, roads and grasslands, etc., and has the ability to sense and move autonomously. It can provide platforms and solutions for a full range of intelligent smart mobile and intelligent operations in a variety of complex environments.

Rex Mini is available via Hire Intelligence for exhibition hire and general hire for events, or as a (mobile) prop. The capabilities of this robot should impress attendees, clients, and viewers, and demonstrate your embracing of future tech capabilities. 

For longer-term use, it is envisaged that Rex will be used for security & inspection applications. Rex mini is also able to be used in dangerous and hazardous environments and for logistical purposes, being able to autonomously deliver packages.

Hire Intelligence can deliver Rex with basic functionality within 3 working days across the UK, and can also arrange specialist technicians to help setup Rex at your chosen location to perform the variety of tasks described above.

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