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Meta Quest Pro VR Headset

The 2022 VR XR Headset from Meta (Oculus):

This VR Headset from Meta is wireless and provides excellent performance for full VIRTUAL reality, but also offers breakthrough high-resolution MIXED reality. I.e: you can see virtual objects/elements placed in your actual physical environment. The headset features colour ‘pass through’ functionality  – cameras on the deivce mean you can see the real world around you on the screen combined with virtual elements. This means you can work on the virtual whilst being totally aware of your office, teammates, or colleagues around you. You can also place virtual objects and characters in your ‘real’ environment.

The headset can be used to provide a ‘virtual desktop’ in your office – have as many floating screens as you want. You can interact via the self-tracking controllers which provide haptic feedback, and allow fine ‘pinch’ and grasp control, or interact with gesture control.

Some other features:

  • Counterbalanced and ergonomic headset, which feels and sits much better than previous models (the Oculus Quest, and Quest 2).
  • Full-colour mixed reality
  • Expression tracking – if you are appearing in a virtual world, your avatar will mimic your facial expression. (Eyebrows, smiles, closed eyes etc).
  • Backwards compatibility – You can access all the Quest catalogue of games and apps.
  • Comes with a charging doc.
  • More tech specifications below.

If you are unsure of how to get started with Virtual Reality, or how to explore the Metaverse speak to the sales team at Hire Intelligence, who can understand what you’re trying to achieve, and discuss hardware options for hire, and what software you might try with the equipment. Meta Quest Pro Hire would give you one of the most up to date headsets in 2022, and is very capable for 360-degree immersive video, virtual meetings, scenario/simulation training and more.

VR hire (virtual reality hire) is becoming more of a focus for Hire Intelligence especially after recent product launch announcements from Pico, HTC Vice, and Meta. We’ve done well to source the latest technology quickly, and can offer for rental periods between 1-day and 1-year for this headset and other technologies for VR Rental.

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Technical Specifications

  • Model Meta Quest Pro VR Headset
  • Controllers Two with 3 cameras each and a Snapdragon processor per controller
  • Performance Processor Main Unit has Snadragon XR2+ Processing and 12GB RAM
  • Storage 256GB (most models)
  • IPD range 55-75mm

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