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Steps to the Metaverse?

In recent years we have all become familiar with meeting remotely (via Zoom or Microsoft Teams). We are familiar with 3D design, and virtual representations of 3D objects. Many of us are familiar with the concept of ‘dashboards’ and graphical representations of data. Some of us have explored fantastic virtual environments in games, or animated films. Also, most of us are comfortable viewing products from afar when online shopping, or friends holding up their phones on FaceTime to show us a view of a faraway land. We are used to search engine tools highlighting relevant topics, or relevant parts of topics.

If you blend this all together? Is it the Metaverse? I don’t know. I think I hope so.

I hope the Metaverse is a place where distance doesn’t matter, but some form of ‘face-to-face’ interaction with friends and colleagues is possible. However, (and critically) you can interact in a place which also allows data, presentations, training, creations, or ideas to be delivered incredibly powerfully. This is because historical, and geographical events can be recreated, and experiments simulated on amazing scales, with no risk. This should be a place where you can quickly find what you seek, and where products, sights, artistic creations, patterns and components can be ‘seen’ and interacted with.

The Metaverse (I hope) is a place which allows collaboration alongside simulation, and which is not limited by risk, or physical materials.

So, whilst I have an idea of what it might be….how do we get there? Is there one platform? Is there one accepted version of ‘ourselves’ used to visit? Perhaps not yet….but there is some excellent software, and some of it is free! This software allows us to explore virtual environments, and collaborate and see cool stuff….and you don’t need an Oculus, or HTC headset to enjoy.

Whilst some experiences might be enhanced with 360′ immersion…many can be enjoyed on a laptop, tablet, phone, or screen. I enjoy 3D games and puzzles with a VR headset, but I still watch football on a standard TV….and many virtual environments can be enjoyed on a flat screen.

So, if you are wondering what the Metaverse means for you, or your company….we can’t promise a complete answer, but we can provide tech hardware on short-term rent at competitive rates…and some recommendations for software and experiences to try.

Call Hire Intelligence on 0345 600 72 72, or browse our products and add a comment about what you’d like to try in the ‘get a quote’ section. I hope we can help you take your first steps to the Metaverse, and that you enjoy your visit.

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