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5 Event Supplier Tips to Ensure a Smooth Experience

5 Event Supplier Tips To Ensure A Smooth ExperienceIt’s challenging enough to organise an event or showcase your brand at an exhibition without having to worry about your selected suppliers letting you down. Choosing event suppliers that understand what you need and know how to deliver it on time, on budget and according to your instructions is an essential part of the planning process. Here are five important event supplier tips to help you pick the perfect vendor.


There are always multiple event equipment rental solutions available to your business. Therefore, the key to hiring hardware from a reliable source is to do the same kind of due diligence you would for hiring new staff. Ask around the industry. Read reviews and ratings. Check if any of your colleagues have previously dealt with the suppliers on your shortlist. By following these steps, you give yourself the best chance of finding quality equipment and the customer service to match. A small amount of upfront research can lead to superior results down the track.


If you opt for preferred vendors with a proven track record, your organisation will be better placed to successfully engage with attendees and achieve your event objectives. If a supplier has shown the capacity to play a key role in the installation and maintenance of equipment at other major events, chances are they’ll meet your expectations this time around as well. The bigger the event, the more their experience matters.


Ideally, each supplier you work with will not only provide excellent products – from powerful IT hardware to the latest audio-visual and interactive equipment – but also offer genuine industry expertise to help guide you in the right direction when setting up the venue. The best event suppliers are technology consultants and leaders in their field. Don’t be afraid to test their knowledge and ask for specific advice before entering an agreement.


Every time you engage a certain supplier and the event proceeds to run smoothly, you forge an extra layer of trust. After all, preferred suppliers are preferred for a reason. They’ve done the job well before and they have an intimate understanding of the way you like to operate. The strength of a long-term business partnership becomes particularly important if anything happens to go wrong once the event gets under way. Moments like these call for good faith, teamwork and a rapid response, as opposed to an unproductive blame game.


Even a perfectly planned event can experience an unexpected stumbling block. Fortunately, you can fix technology-related issues in a flash with ongoing support of a top supplier. A good vendor’s commitment isn’t complete until the venue doors are closed, all the data is gathered, and the equipment has been collected.

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