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5 Reasons to Try Business Live Streaming

5 Reasons To Try Business Live StreamingThere’s no denying the upward trend of business live streaming. Indeed, an increasing number of big and small brands around the world are reaching out to wider audiences and boosting engagement with consumers through the power of real-time video content and connections.

Want to know why you should be using it? Here are five reasons to try live video streaming for business.

1. High Demand for Business Live Streaming

First things first: people have a genuine interest in live streamed content. According to Salesforce and livestream.com research from 2017, 80% of consumers preferred to watch live video from a brand than read a blog. Furthermore, 82% preferred it to (non-video) social posts. If you know your audience will respond more favourably to live streaming than alternative methods, it makes sense to deliver this type of content on a more regular basis.

2. Live Video is Engaging

When considering a potential live streaming solution, it’s important to understand why people appreciate this business activity- and information-sharing format. In short, live video content is genuinely engaging. It has the ability to create immediate interest and organically build a sense of excitement among viewers; especially if participants have the opportunity to engage with the brand at live streaming events via social media interactions and comments. You can even stream content to VR headsets. Digital marketing campaigns that rely on social media sharing of live video feeds often enjoy quick and far-reaching brand exposure. And if it goes viral for all the right reasons, you’re really in business!

3. Top Communication Tool

A live stream is a fantastic way for your brand to make a major announcement. It’s also a great way to provide last-minute updates about an upcoming event or activity, or creatively launch a new product/service and respond to questions in real time. Developing and nurturing great customer relationships is all about strong communication and rapport. Why not use the interactive power of live streaming to your advantage?

4. A Cost Effective Solution

One of the big advantages of live video streaming is that it’s cost-effective as a direct or indirect marketing tool. Combine a strong internet connection with computing hardware, video streaming software, one or more quality HD cameras and a clear social media strategy and you’ll be well on the way to setting up quality live streams within your marketing campaign budget. For example, this relatively small upfront expense might allow you to stream an important speech or presentation from a business conference to thousands of interested parties who are unable to attend in person. That decision may pay major dividends later.

5. A Contemporary Approach

There’s a lot to be said for using contemporary business technologies and practices to enhance the reputation of your brand. It helps you to foster a sense of trust among your target market. Business live streaming can help achieve these goals because it encourages people to take notice of a company that is informative, innovative, and willing to offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse of its operations and values.

All in all, now is the time to embrace business live streaming technologies. Want to learn more about live streaming for business? Contact Hire Intelligence today!

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