5 Apple Watch Business Uses for Efficiency and Success

5 Ways to Use an Apple Watch for Business

5 Ways To Use An Apple Watch For BusinessSince launching in 2015, the Apple Watch has become a popular wearable device for people with busy, active lifestyles. More recently, entrepreneurs, start-ups and innovative brands have recognised the potential of this multi-functional smart watch as a business efficiency and marketing tool.

1. Multitask like a pro

An Apple Watch lets you stay connected to your work and personal life without needing to reach into your pocket for your smartphone. This is particularly useful when you’re caught up in meetings or attending a networking event. Simply take a subtle glance at your Apple Watch to see incoming calls, emails, text messages, appointments, transit times and more. If you need, you can fire off a reply in a few quick taps.

You also won’t have to constantly type away on various devices. Instead, save time for essential business tasks by taking notes and sending messages with the Apple Watch’s voice transcribing feature. Imagine catching up on the day’s emails and playing back voicemails while you drive to that meeting.

2. Test or showcase your app

Is your company creating a new app or making updates to an existing app? Using an Apple Watch, your developers and marketing executives can all take the app for a “test drive”. This way, they can assess various aspects of its performance and usability. When the app is fully operational, anyone wearing the connected Apple Watch can easily demonstrate how it works to potential customers or investors at a trade show or networking event.

3. Do business on the run

Take advantage of a comprehensive range of apps to run your business more efficiently. You can set up to-do lists with reminders, track deliveries and make on-the-spot payments. You can also create impressive-looking invoices and quotes, access real-time sales data and analytics, or store work-related passwords securely. There’s an app available for the Apple Watch that will help you get things done.

4. Make a statement with Apple rental

When you’re representing your brand (including your personal brand), appearing professional, organized, and successful is crucial. Renting an Apple Watch through our Apple rental service allows you to make that impression without the long-term commitment. This is particularly advantageous for startups and entrepreneurs who need to manage their resources wisely. With an Apple Watch from our rental service on your wrist, you’ll make a statement from the moment you start a conversation. Plus, this flexibility is ideal for adapting to business needs and scaling as your business grows.

5. Look after your staff

The ability to monitor health and fitness is often considered the heartbeat of smart watches like the Apple Watch for individual device wearers. However, there can be wider business benefits too. By using personal exercise tracking and heart rate monitoring, employees can stay healthy both during and outside of work hours. As a manager, you could also use Apple Watches to set reminders for office workers to take standing and stretching breaks throughout a stressful day.

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