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Deliver a Pro Sound with the Best PA System and Stage Setup

Deliver A Pro Sound With The Best Pa System And Stage Setup
We’ve all attended an event that lets itself down with inferior sound quality. Sometimes, the blame lies with a poor choice of equipment.Other times, it’s a bad stage layout. You know such mistakes can dampen or destroy the impact of the messages you’re trying to deliver, so it’s up to you to ensure they don’t happen. That’s why you need the best PA system and stage setup available.

Pick the Best PA System

This is basic equipment rental advice that’s well worth considering every time: it’s imperative to select the kind of sound kit that suits the specific venue and the nature of the event. For example, a powerful yet portable PA system like the Yamaha Stagepass 400i, which features it’s own detachable mixer, provides a superb all-round sound solution for most festivals, trade shows and other public-facing situations for an audience of up to 200 people. Likewise, a wireless headset microphone or wireless handheld microphone offers unbeatable flexibility on or off the stage – especially if you need to move around to engage with your audience, or to enhance your delivery.

Do you need to turn it up a level? Or have you hired a professional sound engineer for that concert or conference? If so, you may want to employ a larger PA system and separate units. For example, this all-purpose mixer with a top headset, handheld or lapel microphone and a set of serious Yamaha speakers.



Keen to encourage more audience participation? Getting the crowd involved is now easier than ever thanks to the latest interactive sound gear in the shape of novelty throwable lavalier microphones. The foam-based BIG MIC BALL and the diverse range of Catchbox wireless audience engagement solutions can be quickly passed around a room or outdoor space to create a fun and collaborative atmosphere at any training or Q&A session.



Once you’ve invested in the right hardware, it’s time to set up a professional stage for your presenters/performers. First things first: make sure you place the speaker systems facing away from the direction the microphone will be pointing, not towards it. This easy step will help avoid disruptive feedback.

For optimal performance, it’s also prudent to keep speakers as far as possible from surfaces like floors, walls and corners. They tend to vibrate and create interference due to low-frequency sound pressure. Fortunately, elevating the speakers on sturdy speaker stands is a simple solution to this critical stage layout challenge.

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