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The Best Training Methods for your Employees

The Best Training Methods For Your Employees

Innovate with different and best training methods and techniques

A new report has found that companies with innovative learning and development programmes are increasing their turnover and retaining staff for longer. Those businesses are embracing new ideas, practices and technological innovation to provide the best training techniques for their employees.

Technology like virtual reality, for example, is transforming training techniques in organisations as diverse as Thames Water and the Met Office to replicate experiential learning activity in the classroom. Across the UK as a whole, the average spend on external training is falling. However, as the CIPD points out, the effectiveness of training is not determined by how much is spent. Rather, it’s the quality of the training that’s key to reducing the skills gap.

There are a myriad of different training methods to choose from. But which are the best training methods for your employees?

1. Give your employees a choice

Different training methods in the workplace have traditionally taken a one-size-fits-all approach. Perhaps an external trainer comes in to teach a room full of employees. Or maybe employees are sent to conferences en masse to sit, listen and learn. This type of training method is extremely restrictive as it does not take into account the fact that everyone learns best in different ways. Some employees like to read. Others watch. Meanwhile, some prefer to listen to training content while going for a run or sitting on a train.

Online training programmes can give employees the freedom to study the way they study best, and allow them to progress at their own pace. The results can also be easy to measure, making it easy to follow up with contextual training content to improve skills that still need to be strengthened.

2. Encourage temporary job swaps

If you lack the capital to invest in training, an effective way to strengthen the skills and knowledge of your team without incurring an upfront cost is to ask employees to shadow colleagues or even swap jobs with those in other teams.

A study found that employers are twice as likely to exceed their revenue goals if marketing team members join salespeople on sales meetings. This can provide valuable customer insights and help marketers understand the needs of other teams.

It’s similar if you’re training employees for management roles. Try asking them to shadow lower-level positions, even for just a day. It will give them a better understanding of how to execute strategies.

3. Gamify the learning experience

The last thing you want is for your training programme to be dull. Employees who are actively engaged in the process will retain information better. Hence, they will be more motivated to finish the course.

Gamifying elements of the process, for example, introduces an element of fun and competition. This will help to keep their attention. That might sound expensive, but something as a simple as a digital checklist that employees have to tick off as they accomplish each training module can make all the difference.

4. Introduce blended e-learning methods

By combining one of the many different training methods used in a classroom with independent online study, you can create a hybrid training programme that’s better suited to the unique needs of employees. This can deliver the perfect mix of online courses, instructor-led training and gamification to create a programme that helps you achieve your training goals.

Short-term technology rentals like iPads, Android tablets, virtual reality equipment and touch screens can help you deliver blended e-learning in a range of different ways and provide additional insight into how your employee base thrives.

5. Training through company collaboration

Effective communication is essential to successful change management. However, that communication does not always have to be between employees in the same company. Some companies collaborate to deliver training in a mutually beneficial arrangement.

For example, some firms are partnering with clients to learn more about their business practices, and vice versa. The hope is to widen their skill set and deliver a better service. This training technique is really taking off.

Boost your options for best training techniques

At Hire Intelligence, you can rent the technology you need to deliver a diverse range of best training techniques on a short-term and long-term basis. Get in touch today to discuss your options with our team.


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