5 Ways Conference Equipment Guarantees Successful Meetings

5 Ways Conference Equipment Ensures a Successful Meeting

5 Ways Conference Equipment Ensures A Successful MeetingEvery business meeting, from a small internal catch-up to a major gathering of investors or the board of directors (BOD), represents an opportunity to achieve important future outcomes. By planning and preparing effectively, chances are your next meeting will run as smoothly as possible. Before you get down to business, here are five ways conference equipment can ensure you hold a successful meeting.


Will your company CEO or a special guest speaker take centre stage in front of the entire staff at the annual general meeting (AGM)? If so, don’t let their voice get lost in the crowd. By setting up a professional public address system or conference sound system in advance, you afford the key speaker the opportunity to be heard clearly no matter the size of the space or the number of people in attendance. A 12-channel PA system with a separate speaker system, for example, is often the ideal choice for larger conferences. Conversely, even a simple handheld, headset or lapel microphone, with an all-in-one PA system with speakers included, helps to maintain audience engagement.


It’s one thing to provide each person at the meeting with a comfortable chair and a cup of tea or coffee. However, it takes a more personal touch to really impress a small group of important attendees, such as existing or prospective clients. When each individual sits down to find an iPad or Android tablet on the desk in front of them, you’re off to a great start. You can pre-load the device with the meeting agenda, discussion points, stats and graphs, introductory or product demonstration videos, and any other content that makes your attendees feel connected to proceedings.


A projector and screen lets your boardroom presentation be seen. However, a fully interactive touch screen and/or smartboard takes information sharing to a whole new level. First, pair a device such as a PC to your smartboard rental. Then run essential presentation software like Apple KeyNote or Microsoft PowerPoint. Meanwhile, you can simultaneously adjust the content you display and respond to questions on the run. The first thing to remember is that an interactive presentation is an interesting presentation.


Need to share some important messages with staff or stakeholders across various locations? If so, a one-off video conference equipment rental allows you to deliver a video presentation to an internal team or wider audience from anywhere. Simply connect the kit to your existing infrastructure. Then, make an immediate HD video transfer and reap the benefits of this technology-driven remote collaboration.


Every business meeting should begin with a clear goal and end having established a positive outcome or realistic action plan. In some cases this process requires genuine, tangible feedback from those in attendance. How do you gather meaningful insights that can drive the discussion or be used in post-meeting analysis? You hire an interactive audience response system with voting keypads. This enables members to instantaneously transmit their answers/opinions on specified questions/topics to a laptop via a connected receiver. Now you’re truly engaging a room full of experts.

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