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Do your students require equipment to help them access their education at home?

Do your students require equipment to help them access their education at home?

Have you considered renting technology to your students whilst they need it? Ensuring students can get a suitable education and continue to learn, develop and grow through home education, even when they cannot physically attend their classes, is a challenge facing all education providers at this time.

Remote learning is something that has been progressing in many schools over the past few years. Parents of school age children, are looking for alternative solutions as they become the home educator, and what they can do for their child‘s special educational needs while they are out of the school environment and continuing on the home learning path.

All these recent events require an immediate (and cost effective) solution so every young person can get the education they deserve.

‘Hire-Intelligence’ can provide a home school environment, supplying many different types of equipment to education providers looking to create short, medium and long term remote learning facilities for their students or child‘s learning activities.

All equipment at Hire-Intelligence is available to rent on a daily, weekly or monthly (up to 12) basis. Longer term lease agreements are also available for specific equipment.

Our Entry level HP 450 15″ Core i5 is the ideal laptop for any student learning from home. Available with Microsoft Office, this machine will let students access online content and produce written assignments.

Tablets are an ideal medium for younger students looking to home educate & follow the curriculum remotely using learning applications. The iPad 6th Gen is perfect for educational activities and is a cost effective piece of equipment that the parents may not currently be able to supply their child.

Android and Microsoft tablets also available. With Bluetooth keyboards readily available this technology can quickly and easily transform into a versatile and very portable alternative to a laptop ideal for home schooling.

Click here to see all available home educating & remote learning equipment. Or check here for some extra information about the best laptops for kids.

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