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Faster & Greener

Hire Intelligence prides itself of getting the IT & AV equipment you need delivered where you need it, when you need it.

We know that events and clients can be unpredictable. So we want to be sure we can help, even if the requests are last-minute requirements to save the day. To help us achieve this: We have been purchasing more assets for ‘ready to go’ stock. Laptops, tablets, phones & screens will be updated, cleaned & ready in the loading bay throughout Autumn Event Season!

We are also investing in additional delivery vehicles, and as an increasingly environmentally friendly supplier, with more than a passing interest in new technology…we’ve gone electric! Look out for our brand new all electric van making deliveries and collections across London.
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Renting FOR the environment:

Renting gives access to the latest technology when you need it, and also ensures good utilisation.

You don’t need to own assets which are only used once, or twice a year – you can just rent for these occasions. This prevents inefficient use of manufactured assets.
Hire Intelligence ensure tech is always up-to-date, as energy efficient as possible and in good condition. After 3 years we ‘retire’ the equipment from our core rental fleet, but make sure it continues its usefulness in developing markets, or with charities. Thus equipment helps numerous companies over its ‘life cycle’.
When equipment is damaged and it is not possible to fix, Hire intelligence always disposes using Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling (WEEE).

We support radiology examinations nationally – Up to 50 x iMacs are used in a classroom at one time. This is undertaken multiple times across the UK, and the same assets are setup and used on different dates, in different locations.
If each NHS region owned and operated their own devices, the cost and inefficiency would be much, much greater.

Carbon Net Zero:

Our newest member of our Admin & Logistics Team has been tasked with ensuring we offset all our remaining emissions with the organisation

If you’d like to know more about our ‘ready to go’ stock, or our environmental push, do call us on 0208 749 9900.
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