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Finding the Right PCs For Your Desks

Finding The Right Pcs For Your DesksWe’re spoiled for choice when it comes to desktop computers, so it’s important to weigh up your options to ensure all your people have the best tool for the job.

Whatever your business, not everyone’s needs are the same when it comes to desktop computers. Admin staff might not need a powerhouse PC but extra screen real estate can certainly offer a productivity boost if it means they can work on multiple documents side by side.

Meanwhile, those who need extra grunt for high-end tasks such as multimedia work will benefit from a powerhouse PC that can keep up with the pace, and perhaps won’t care about the smaller footprint and stylish design offered by an all-in-one PC.

People tend to use “workstation” and “desktop” interchangeably, but they don’t mean the same thing when you’re choosing workplace PCs. Desktops are designed for your average day-to-day tasks, while workstations pack the extra grunt required for high-end work. Issuing these staff with standards desktops to save money is a false economy, as you’ll feel the cost in terms of lost productivity.

The HP Pavilion 23inch AIO Touchscreen Desktop PC can meet the needs of your typical information worker. It’s no slouch with an Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM under the bonnet, but you’re still relying on integrated Intel HD Graphics rather than a more powerful standalone graphics card. That’s fine for everyday tasks such as browsing the web, checking your email and running Microsoft Office to create and edit documents.

All-in-one Desktops like this HP Pavilion save on desk space by building the computer into the back of the monitor, plus they reduce desktop clutter thanks to a wireless keyboard and mouse, eliminating cable tangles. Their slick design is well-suited to areas like reception, where you want to make a good first impression on visitors.

If space is at a premium – or you’ve already got a monitor, keyboard and mouse to hand – then an Intel NUC 6i5SYH mini-PC might be the best fit. It’s small enough to hold in one hand, but still packs a Core i5 processor and all the features you’d demand in an office PC.

For the next step up in performance you might look to a more powerful Intel Core i7 processor, either with integrated Intel HD Graphics or standalone ATI/NVIDIA graphics cards designed to handle the heavy lifting if you’re working on graphics-intensive projects. Swapping out the hard disk drive for a solid-state drive with no moving parts can also deliver a major performance boost.

Workstations are a step up again, such as the Lenovo M93p ThinkCentre I7 Quad, which features a Core i7 processor accompanied by up to 32GB of RAM. You might also look to Intel’s more powerful Xeon processors.

These workstations are overkill for your average office worker, but they’re designed to make light work of demanding tasks such as multimedia editing, special effects, 3D design and Computer Aided Drafting. They’re particularly useful when you’re working with high-end software designed to take advantage of multi-threading and multiple cores.

Not all PCs are created equal, so choose with care to ensure that everyone in your organisation has the computing power they need at their fingertips.

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