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Gather Vital Audience Feedback with the Latest Tech

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Is your organisation still stuck in the days of paper-and-pen questionnaires? If the answer’s yes, or if you’ve been wondering how to extract more useful insights from a live audience, it’s definitely time to consider electronic data collection.

Technology can really enhance your ability to conduct effective market research or gather meaningful group feedback on the spot. Most importantly, the solutions are easier to implement than you might imagine.

Use standard tech to get great results

Tablets and smartphones are obviously great for personal use. However, they’re also able to serve many purposes in the corporate world. For example, you could pre-load handheld devices with slides or agendas and place them at workstations for people attending. Hence, you’re better able to engage and interact with individuals throughout the event.

You can also encourage more active participation by connecting the devices to a server or the cloud and asking people to provide their feedback or vote on live polls. Now you’re gathering important audience insights you might otherwise miss out on. All it takes is a little bit of planning.

Capture more with audience response systems

To go a step further, why not rent a dedicated audience response system? These allow everyone to take part in your question-and-answer session at a conference, training course or market research event. Not only will your advanced setup make a big impression on guests, but you’ll also walk away with all the data you need to make informed corporate strategy and advertising decisions down the track.

Electronic voting hardware and software – like the TurningPoint Audience Response system – can deliver seriously comprehensive outcomes in live audience scenarios. Voters use the lightweight keypad provided to instantaneously transmit their responses to a receiver attached to a laptop. This allows the presenter/s to review the feedback or even display the results in real-time graphs via a projector or plasma screen. Given you can hire up to hundreds of keypads at a time, the bigger the event, the more information you’ll be able to gather.

Another innovative audience response system worth considering is ResponseWare. It turns smartphones into virtual response cards. This technology is ideal for both boardroom and academic environments. It could also be used in any other setting where users need to answer alphanumeric multiple-choice questions – for example, during an interactive polling session.

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