Microsoft's Surface Pro Hybrid can help you get down to business

Get Down to Business with Microsoft’s Surface Pro Hybrid

Get Down To Business With Microsoft’s Surface Pro HybridMicrosoft’s Surface Pro hybrid easily transforms from a notebook to a tablet while still offering the power and flexibility of Windows 10. It makes it easier to stay on top of work, whether you’re stuck at your desk or out on the go.

Full desktop version of Windows 10

Unlike iOS and Android tablets, the Surface Pro runs the same version of Windows as a desktop PC. This means you can use all the same applications and document formats as you jump between devices.

You can easily keep your files in sync via the cloud using Microsoft’s Office 365. This ensures you’ve always got the latest version of your documents at hand. Cloud storage also makes it easier to share documents with colleagues and collaborate on projects.

A real keyboard at your fingertips

The Surface Pro keyboard is built into the screen’s cover, to ensure it’s always there when you need it. The keys are large and well-spaced, making life easier for typists than some tiny portable devices with painfully cramped keyboards.

There’s a kickstand on the back of the tablet to hold the screen at the best angle so you can use the Surface Pro like a traditional notebook.

Plenty of screen real estate

The Surface Pro features a super-sharp 12.3-inch display, to offer a great balance between portability and usability. There’s also a Mini DisplayPort for connecting an external monitor when you’re working at your desk.

The screen offers a practical 3:2 aspect ratio, like an A4 sheet of paper. This is unlike some other tablets, which feature a 16:9 widescreen display. A 16:9 display is fine for watching movies but not as practical for getting things done.

Lightweight design yet plenty of grunt

The Surface Pro’s slimline design means it doesn’t weigh you down when it’s in your bag, or when it’s resting on your arm in tablet mode.

You can fold the keyboard back behind the screen or detach it completely, relying on the touchscreen and Windows 10’s touch-friendly features including support for an active stylus.

Thankfully, portability doesn’t come at the expense of power. The Surface Pro packs up to an Intel Core i7 processor with plenty of RAM to handle the most demanding of tasks. Whatever job you need to tackle, the Surface Pro will make light work of it.

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