Unlock Consultancy Potential: Hire Intelligence Flex Hardware

How flexible & agile hardware is the key to unlocking your consultancies potential

For over 25 years ‘Hire Intelligence International‘ have provided high-tech and leading-brand hardware to satisfy our clients short-term tech needs.

In that time we’ve developed relationships with many international consultancies, and our services have evolved to provide maximum value to this sector.

We can supply tech configured by a client’s own IT department.

We can deploy immediately & internationally for projects, team members, and freelancers

All assets are assigned, barcoded, and tracked, so invoices and cost center charges are specific, visible, and accurate

Access an unparalleled tech supply

Hire Intelligence own thousands of laptops, tablets & iPad, mobile phones, servers and other hardware. In addition Hire Intelligence can provide cutting-edge Displays, Screens and Virtual Reality technology.

The equipment is all less than 3-years old, from the leading brands, and with a range of specifications from basic office laptops, to powerful workstations.

This stock is stored in 12 locations worldwide.

Our secure storage is designed for handling high-tech equipment,

Our Technicians are in place for configuring, imaging and managing multiple devices, loading software and testing as required, then deploying and handling logistics requirements efficiently and accurately across the UK, Europe and further afield.

IT Solutions to Match the Speed of Business


Hire Intelligence specialise in buying, managing and deploying large fleets of IT hardware.

For the fast moving world of business transformation, crisis management, ‘turnaround and restructuring’, and international contracts…flexibility and agility is important.

In terms of the technology used by consultancy teams, quality hardware, and consistent and compliant configuration is important too.

Hire Intelligence have the stock, the logistics capability and the technical infrastructure to provide the correctly configured devices fast. Quality assets will be ready to work the moment they are delivered to the intended recipient.

Unified Assets, to Make your Technology Hire Seamless

Hire Intelligence have long-term relationships with many consultancies and our understanding of IT requirements, and our technical conversations are key to the value we provide.

We work to agree a ‘Client’s master Image‘, which we then store, and keep updated, ready for us to clone and dispatch as many perfectly configured devices as required.

To setup the ‘master client image’ we can provide a single physical device to a Client’s IT team for configuration (and then bring it back as a reference asset), or allow remote access to a client’s IT team, who can configure one of our devices.

Once the ‘master asset’ is setup, our technicians can agree to regular updates, additional software requirements, or configure different variations of the image for different teams.

Cloned devices can then be ready for rapid deployment as & when required.

In the unlikely event of any hardware issues, our technical support team will be ready to help remotely, or make a rapid like-for-like swap of an asset to minimise any down time.

Hit the ground running with pre-configured set-ups

With the configured hardware ready to deploy, the Hire Intelligence account manager will give a schedule to our logistics team to ensure client’s teams have the equipment where it is needed, for as long as they need it.

We can liaise directly with end recipients if required, or provide tracking/logistics data to a dedicated contact.

Rental periods, and rates can be agreed between 1-day and 2-years, and we can be flexible and change agreed durations and logistics arrangements. We know that plans can change, and adjust accordingly.

In this presentation we have focussed on the IT, technical and logistics capabilities of Hire Intelligence International.

Using Hire Intelligence to provide configured (and supported) hardware for your teams will save time and hassle, for your IT, admin and project teams .

However, renting assets (such as laptops, and tablets) can also save money , as Hire Intelligence offer very competitive weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual rental rates for tech hardware.

Hire Intelligence can also help support any trials with cutting-edge equipment. Providing hardware and expertise for Virtual Reality, Digital Signs, Interactive Whiteboards, Video collaboration hardware, and more.

Please do call ????, or request a quick quote for more information.

Thank you.

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